A newly single Kanye West is seen leaving his hotel with new girlfriend Chaney Jones in Miami

Kanye West's New Muse Admits To Getting Dangerous Surgery For Kardashian-Like Butt!

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By MLC on March 7, 2022 at 2:15 PM EST

Kanye West’s newest muse and Kim Kardashian look-alike, Chaney Jones, is opening up about what’s real and fake about her appearance.

The social media influencer recently opened up about herself on her Instagram Story. She revealed what cosmetic procedures she’s gotten done to enhance her appearance.

Shockingly, she claims to have had NOTHING done to her face.

However, her backside is a different story.

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Chaney Jones Claims To Have Had No Work Done To Her Face

Over the weekend, Chaney posted a throwback photo of herself posing with her butt facing the camera to her Story.

She captioned the pic, “I think I was 20 here. This was before my BBL.”

In the event you are unaware of what ‘BBL’ stands for, it stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift.”

‘BBLs’ became HIGHLY popular after the Kardashians graced our television screens in 2007.

The Kardashian-Jenner family is known for having tiny waists with overly-voluptuous booties.

They almost look unreal, but the famous family claims their butts are 100% real.

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The Kardashians Made The 'BBL' Famous

Kim Kardashian's butt

The ‘BBL’ procedure is one of the deadliest plastic surgery procedures you can get done, according to the New York Times.

In a 2021 NYT reported, “It’s also one of the deadliest. A July 2017 report by the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation in Aesthetic Surgery Journal noted that one to two out of 6,000 BBLs resulted in death, the highest mortality rate for any cosmetic surgery.”

Their report continued, “In 2018, The British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery advised surgeons in the United Kingdom to stop performing it altogether, although they couldn’t ban it outright.”

Many women wanting ‘BBL’ surgery will go to Turkey or South America for the surgery.

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Chaney continued her post, “Same face, same nose lol I’ve never been in denial about surgery and to answer everyone’s questions yes I had a BBL but I’ve always been thick before surgery.”

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Chaney Admits To Getting 'BBL' Surgery

Chaney Jones' butt
Instagram / Chaneyjonesssss

Chaney doubled down on her statement about never having work done on her face.

In a second story titled, “5 facts about me,” she wrote, “No I have never had surgery on my face, I was born like this.”

She also revealed her ethnic background noting that she is European, French, German, West African, Nigerian and Ghanian.

Chaney is also the COO of First State Behavioral Health and is currently studying for her Master’s Degree in counseling.

She added that she is “maintaining a 4.0 GPA.”

Chaney is also a Virgo born on August 28, and she recently posted a note about Virgos to her IG story.

“If you want a stress free relationship get you a Virgo ?,” the message read.

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It does appear her and Kanye’s “relationship non-relationship” is very stress free.

The couple has been jet-setting around the globe with Chaney closely documenting their fun times.

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Kanye and Chaney got together in February right after he split from “Uncut Gems” star, Julia Fox.

Fox was the rapper’s first “muse” after splitting from Kim; however, she was quickly replaced by Chaney.

And, the COO is completely fine with just being Kanye’s “muse.”

Their relationship is not serious, and her role as muse is something she reportedly “loves.”

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