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Alicia Silverstone Will Open Her Heart On New Podcast 'The Real Heal'

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 5, 2022 at 4:35 PM EST
Updated on May 11, 2022 at 4:26 PM EDT

If you have ever seen the landmark teen film "Clueless," it won't come as a surprise to know the film's star Alicia Silverstone is well familiar with the concept of engaging in interesting conversation and making people listen!

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Remember Cher Horowitz's iconic monologue about bringing refugees to America? Yeah, our girl knows how to capture an audience's attention!

Now, over 25 years after Silverstone stood in front of a classroom and charmed Mr. Hall's debate class on screen, the actress is ready to converse about one of the most important aspects of human connection, in real life.

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Getting Real With Alicia

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On March 10th, the actress will debut "The Real Heal," a podcast focusing on one of the most important aspects of human connection: the journey taken to become the best version of ourselves through the work of healing!

Silverstone shared an Instagram post announcing the podcast on Thursday, March 3rd. She begins the video with a fist pump, letting us know we are one week away from witnessing her embark on an exciting and new phase of her career!

"The Real Heal" will feature Silverstone "Sitting down with experts, friends, and icons to share their thoughts on what it means to heal and to explore just how interconnected our planet, our communities, and our bodies really are."

Cher Horowitz would absolutely approve!

Who Will Be A Guest?

Alicia Silverstone is an animatronic cow

Even though Silverstone stated she "didn't want to give too much away," about the podcast in her post on the 'gram, she gave us a tiny glimpse into the guests we could expect to hear from!

Silverstone will spend time behind the mic with Ingrid Newkirk, who is the president and founder of PETA, and Peter Singer, who, as Silverstone notes, is an author and philosopher.

She plans to explore the "Relationship to the species that share our planet." Newkirk and Singer know a thing or two about other species. Singer's work focuses on "Animal liberation," according to his website.

According to Deadline, Silverstone will also welcome Kevin Smith as a guest!

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Alicia Opens Her Heart


Silverstone is no stranger to exploring healing and the countless ways in which healing applies to our lives and the world around us.

Creating a podcast around these aspects is a "natural" move for Silverstone to make.

She said, "My personal focus on health and wellness has been empowering, allowing me to take care of myself and to use food as my medicine. Hosting this podcast is a natural extension of my own experiences as a long-time vegan, health advocate, wellness activist, author, and creator of myKind Organics, the first-ever line of clean vitamins..."

Silverstone's passion for the top priorities in her life, also extends to her interview subjects.

Of her guests, she adds, "I am thrilled and humbled to welcome inspiring guests on the podcast every week, whose work I am so proud of, and with whom I will chat candidly about various topics and ideas that fill my heart."

The first conversation in Silverstone's eventual library full of engaging content will be available to stream on the podcast platform of your choice, on March 10th!

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