Kanye West Legally Changes His Name to Ye.

Kanye West Had Bro Date With Tristan Thompson Before Divorce Hearing

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By MLC on March 2, 2022 at 4:45 PM EST

Kanye West and Tristan Thompson are still tight after the NBA star was somewhat exiled from the Kardashian family.

The rapper and basketballer were spotted grabbing dinner on Tuesday, March 1 at the luxury hotel The Setai in Miami Beach, Fl. along with a few other dinner guests.

Kanye must’ve been questioning Tristan about how he’s managed to stay in the Kardashian family even after betrayal.

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Kanye & Tristan Have Date Night In Miami, FL.

Kanye West is back in his boots as he makes his way around Miami
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Kanye West is back in his boots as he makes his way around Miami
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The Blast reported today that Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s divorce has officially and legally been approved.

A source spilled details to E! News about Tristan and Ye’s night out.

"They were happy to see each other and the vibe was light and fun," the Miami source told the outlet. “Kanye was smiling and holding court at the table. He and Tristan seemed like good friends having a fun night out. They were laughing and smiling together and seem to be on great terms. They were joined by a few women at the table, and they all had a good time."

The insider mentioned the group stayed past midnight and passed the time by eating, drinking and sharing stories.

"At the end of the night, Kanye and Tristan hugged before going their separate ways."

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Kanye & Tristan Are Still Tight

Tristan Thompson at the Delilah Restaurant

Both Tristan and Kanye were both in Miami for work.

The Chicago Bulls played against the Miami Heat on February 28, and Kanye premiered his new album, “Donda 2,” on February 22 and has stayed down south ever since.

In fact, he’s been spotted hanging with his new muse Chaney Jones.

"Ye is having fun with Chaney," the insider said. "They have been spending a lot of time together in the last two weeks, and he likes her company. She travels with him, and they are having a good time."

Much like his short-lived relationship with Julia Fox, Kanye is just having fun with Chaney, but would go back to Kim in a heartbeat if she allowed.

On Tuesday, March 2, Kanye and Kim had a court hearing for their divorce.

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They're Officially & Legally Divorced

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Officially And Legally Divorced!

The rapper did NOT make an appearance virtually, but Kim did.

Kanye’s new lawyer Samantha Spector appeared on his behalf.

On the docket was a “bifurcation” of the couple’s marital status which will legally make them divorced.

We broke the story, Kim attempted to get the status changed and Kanye agreed as long as certain paperwork was changed to make it official. In the end, Kim K. conceded to give Kanye the necessary legal protections of indemnification in order to terminate their marriage.

Interestingly, Kim joined the hearing from inside what looks like a closet, with tons of ‘SKIMS’ products behind her! Kim was represented by Laura Wasser, who has handled some of the biggest divorces in Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian MELTS Instagram In Black Bikini Amid Sex Tape Drama!
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As we reported, Kanye broke his silence on the situation in the hours leading up to the hearing, saying he just wanted what’s best for his children. During the hearing, the judge signed off on the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star returning her name to “Kim Kardashian” and dropping the “West.”

“I’ve asked my team to expedite the dissolution of my marriage to Kim so I can put my entire attention into our beautiful children,” Kanye said. 

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