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T.I's Daughter Deyjah Preaches Self-love As She Opens Up About Self Harm

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 5, 2022 at 5:30 AM EST

Rapper T.I's daughter Deyjah is preaching her truth and encouraging those who can relate never to give up. For Self Injury/Self Harm Awareness Day on March 1, Deyjah took to Instagram to share her struggle.

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Deyjah Opens Up For Self Harm Awareness Day

For the global awareness day, Deyjah shared a breathtaking photo that proved she was indeed a beauty. The 20-year-old was seen holding on to the bridled ropes of what looked like a swing set as she stared passionately at the camera.

The numerous tattoos which covered her arms were on full display in the image as she leaned against a background of flowers.

Deyjah rocked a brunette weave with faint honey blonde highlights and donned a black-and-white checkered crop top with a fancy bow.

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She teased her cleavage and slim midriff in the adorable top she paired with low-waisted jeans. Deyjah also had her nails painted pink and adorned her face with subtle makeup.

Alongside the lovely photo, the young adult wrote a lengthy caption to mark Self Injury/Self Harm Awareness Day. She explained that she chose to mark the day because she wanted to leave an encouraging message for those who could relate.

Deyjah also sent a warning to those who would try to derail from the topic, writing, “if you cannot empathize with this then keep it scrolling/keep the rude comments to yourself because I will block you.”

The rapper’s eldest biological daughter continued her message, expressing compassion to those who suffered from self-harm. “I see you, she wrote.

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Deyjah shared that perhaps she had her own experience with self-harm to help those with similar problems. However, she urged that she didn’t want her post to garner pity or make people ask questions like why she practiced self-injury.

Instead, she wanted her post to inspire those struggling to speak up and live in their truth.

I need you to see that if I can be brave enough to share this part of myself/my journey with the world then you can too.

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T.I’s Daughter Is A ‘Safe Space’ For Those Who Suffer From Self Harm

Born to T.I. and his former lover Ranniqua, Deyjah explained that society often limited self-harm to only cutting one's wrist and the likes. However, many more forms of self-injury weren’t usually talked about.

She addressed victims who might feel overlooked, telling them never to spend their lives hiding what they have been through.

The “T.I & Tiny” star wrote, “I don’t care if you think people will judge you, if you think people will think you’re not right in the head…or if you think people will say you’re doing it for attention, you deserve to share your story.”

Deyjah assured that telling their story would save many lives and declared her page “nonjudgmental” and “a safe space.”

She noted that although her post about self-harm is for one day, every day is a good day to bring awareness to mental health, especially in the black community.

Deyjah concluded her uplifting message, writing, “I love you/you are loved, you are seen, you MATTER, and you deserve everything good in the world. Don’t you ever forget or doubt that…”

The heartwarming post has since received over 128,000 likes and several lovely comments from fans who thanked her for being a light.

One fan wrote, “so beautiful inside and out. I admire and appreciate your courage and allowing to be so transparent because you never know who else you’re helping.”

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The 20-Year-Old Was Involved In A Virginity Controversy With Dad

Deyjah previously made headlines when her father made rash comments about her virginity.

It happened way back in 2019 when T.I. appeared on the podcast “Ladies Like Us” and admitted to taking then 18-year-old Deyjah for routine hymen checks to ensure she’s still a virgin.

The “Whatever You Like” rapper received intense backlash for his comment, fans branding him as “controlling.”

Deyjah was negatively affected by the controversy and spoke about its emotional impact during an episode of the family’s reality show.

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The teenager was seen crying in the June 2020 episode as she noted things had become uncomfortable between her and her dad. Recalling the heartbreaking incident, she shared,  “the only word I saw was ‘gynecologist’ and I don’t even need to read the whole title cause I just knew. My heart sank — very shocked, hurt, angry, embarrassed.”

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