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Alec Baldwin Tweets About 'Not Telling Lies' After Hutchins' 'Rust' Interview 

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By Kristin Myers on February 25, 2022 at 11:30 AM EST

Actor Alec Baldwin just shared a cryptic message to Instagram.

On Thursday, the husband of the late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins sat down with Hoda Kotb of the TODAY show for an exclusive interview about his wife’s death.

It seems that Baldwin saw the interview, as he seemed to issue a response later that night.

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Alec Baldwin: ‘Being Truthful Goes Beyond Simply Not Telling Lies’

On Thursday night, Baldwin tweeted, “In Buddhism, being truthful goes beyond simply not telling lies. It means speaking truthfully and honestly, yes. But it also means using speech to benefit others, and not to use it to benefit only ourselves.” He posted a screenshot of his tweet to his Instagram page, where it received over 8,000 likes and mixed reactions from fans.

“Using the teachings in a passive aggressive way?” one user asked.

“Before you speak, ask yourself ‘is it true, is it kind, and is it necessary,’” another advised.

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Hilaria Baldwin & Alec Baldwin walking
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“Peace be with you Alec,” another wrote. “Everyone knows you did no wrong. ?”

“I BELIEVE IN YOU ?” said another. “I truly wish the best for you ?”

Another shared, “Strange how we think more of these kinds of things the older we get ??”

“Stay in the moment pal, sending good vibes,” another said.

Another commented, “AMEN?❤️?”

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Matthew Hutchins Says That He Is ‘So Angry’ At Alec Baldwin For Not Taking Responsibility

Halyna Hutchins' Family Lawyers Release Disturbing Animation Of 'Rust Shooting'

In a sneak peek of the interview posted on Wednesday night, Matthew Hutchins said that he was “so angry” with Baldwin after he said that he did not take responsibility for Halyna’s death during an ABC News interview with GeorgeStephanopoulos in early December.

“The idea that the person holding the gun and causing it to discharge is not responsible is absurd to me,” Hutchins said.

“Watching him I just felt so angry,” he continued. “I was just so angry to see him talk about her death so publicly in such a detailed way and then to not accept any responsibility after having just described killing her.”

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Halyna Hutchins' Family Lawyers Release Disturbing Animation Of 'Rust Shooting'

He went on to say that gun safety was a problem on the set of “Rust”; however, he indicates that it’s only one of many.

“But gun safety was not the only problem on that set,” Hutchins alleged. “There were a number of industry standards that were not practiced and there’s multiple responsible parties.”

He is also frustrated that no one has been criminally charged for his wife’s death. Juan Rios of the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office has said that “the investigation remains open and ongoing.”

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Halyna Hutchins’ Husband Recalls Learning About His Wife’s Death

During the interview, Matthew talked about the moment that he learned that his wife had passed away. He told Kotb that “a member of the production team told me that Halyna had been shot.”

“My heart sank right away,” he recalled. He said it was “completely inexplicable to me that it could have happened at that moment.”

However, he knew that he had to tell his son that his mother had passed away. He decided that he was going to be “very direct and blunt” with their 9-year-old son, Andros. Halyna had a close relationship with her son and the two stayed in constant communication while she was off filming the Western last October.

“They would get on a video and she would just do everything that you could as a mom to reassure him,” he recalled in the emotional interview. “Just give him kisses ... I think it helped him to get to sleep every night knowing that she was thinking about him.”

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'Rust' Crew Member Says Death Was Result Of 'Negligence and Unprofessionalism'

He said that after his son understood that his mother was never coming home, the two cried together.

“Well, you know, I think that that kind of news you just have to say multiple times, so that it can be believed,” he said. “And so he believed it, and we cried together then.”

“And every holiday, Christmas, New Year's, our anniversary, my birthday, Valentine's Day… I mean, every holiday is difficult without her,” he said.

On February 15, the Hutchins family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and the other “Rust” producers.

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