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Marvel To Partner With 'Game Of Thrones' Writer George R. R. Martin On New Comic Series

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By Favour Adegoke on February 25, 2022 at 4:30 AM EST
Updated on October 12, 2022 at 7:09 PM EDT

For those unfamiliar with George R. R. Martin's literary masterpiece, 'Game Of Thrones," most can relate to its series adaptation which ended its hugely successful airing in 2019. The HBO drama will live on through spin-offs, including a prequel series that will premiere next year.

While fans await the future release of the cited HBO projects, the author of the fantasy series has signed on to another project, which is sure to delight comic lovers.

Martins made an announcement, where he revealed his partnership with Marvel to create a new series of comic books based on another of his literary works.

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George R. R. Martin's Wild Card Stories Is Coming To Marvel Comics

Fans can once again dive into the world of the Wild Cards novellas. However, this version comes with the toppings of having added illustrations associated with a comic series. Martins made the announcement that the Marvel label has agreed with him to produce the limited series this week.

"As my fans may already know, the Wild Cards World holds a special place in my heart," Martin said. "So to have the privilege of announcing that an industry titan like Marvel is going to produce the narrative from the beginning as a comic book brings me no end of joy."

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Martin's Wild Cards book first debuted in 1987. It featured stories by Martin, Howard Waldrop, and Roger Zelazny. The upcoming limited series, dubbed "The Drawing Of Cards," will be authored by a team of comic legends, including writer Paul Cornell and artist Mike Hawthorne, and will serve as an ideal entry point for novices to Wild Cards as well as a must-have fresh reinterpretation for long-time fans.

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Wild Cards Storyline

George R. R. Martin at the "Tolkien" LA Special Screening at the Village Theater

The Wild Cards series depicts an imagined post-World War II timeline in which Earth is inhabited by super-humans. When an individual is afflicted with the extraterrestrial Wild Card virus, the chances of their death are high, and this is known as "drawing the black queen."

Most people who survive become "jokers," with oddly altered forms. A select few are "aces," people who have mutated abilities that they may utilize to achieve heroic or evil purposes.

There are almost 25 novels and 20 short tales in the original volumes. Over three decades, it had more than 40 authors. At the time of Martin's announcement, Marvel was yet to reveal how many installments of the comic franchise will be written for the project.

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Writer Cornell Shares His View On The Comic Project

A first look illustration of the cover page was posted on Marvel's website. The image detailed the war-torn backdrop associated with the book's script and subtly showed the outcome of getting infected by the virus.

With fans expecting the comic series to deliver a more refreshing version of the fantasy book, Cornell has now given some insight into the project.

"Wild Cards is still a unique take on superheroes, a creation story that's influenced everything since, but still maintains its power," Cornell said. "It's an honor and a pleasure to bring all these wonderful stories to their natural home at Marvel, and I hope to give George, Melinda, and the rest of the Wild Cards Collective the credit they deserve for making the superhero myth new again. Plus: just look at that art!"

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George R. R. Martin Quit Comics

George R.R. Martin at the 2018 HBO Emmy Party

The upcoming project will receive some creative input from the legendary author. However, fans do not expect Martin to be part of the writers that will consistently create the contents for the Wild Cards comic series.

In a podcast from last year, Martin revealed he had quit comics, saying he no longer enjoyed the ever-changing storyline that occurs when another writer jumps on a project.

"I like the idea of building on what went before," Martins said on the "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" podcast. "How can I get emotionally involved when anything that happens can be wiped out by the next writer who takes over the strip or the book?"

Marvel will debut "Wild Cards: The Drawing of the Cards" #1 on June 1st.

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