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Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Earning Money From Cameo For Ferrari

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By Rima Pundir on February 22, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST

Simon Leviev, the fraudster in and as Netflix's latest true-crime documentary, "The Tinder Swindler" is back in the news, for reasons rather alarming. Not only is the guy still living a high life on social media, but TMZ also reported that he was recently looking at pricey sports cars in Israel.

Could it be that some woman is crying over her piling debts somewhere again? Leviev may deny it all, that he is the Tinder Swindler and just a man who wanted to date, but he has been convicted of fraud, serving 5 months of his sentence before being set free.

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Is Simon Leviev Back To His Tricks?

Simon Leviev spotted Ferrari shopping
Instagram | The Tinder Swindler

According to media reports, Leviev was spotted in Tel Aviv over the last weekend, at a luxury car dealership, checking out Ferraris. He was reportedly wearing a Gucci jacket worth thousands of dollars, with his bodyguard behind him because "his enemies" were after him, probably. And he rolled in a luxury SUV.  

But the car he seemed to be checking out were top-of-the-line Ferrari models, including a 296 GTB, which can retail for as high as $250,000. Not only did he look over the car but he sat inside as well, to make sure it suited his expensive tastes.  

He did not buy any of the cars, considering his days on Tinder are over. Tinder has banned Simon Leviev and all his aliases because this was the platform he allegedly used to defraud women for around $10 million.

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His MO, according to the Netflix documentary, was to first inveigle the women he matched with on Tinder and then invite them on a lavish date. Leviev pretended to be the son of diamond merchant Lev Leviev and then pretended to be in trouble, asking women to open a credit line for him because his card and accounts were blocked. Once he had swindled enough from them, he would ignore, cajole, and threaten them. He would use the swindled money to set himself up in style, and then lavish it in the next victim/date, repeating the cycle. 

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Earning 'Legit' Monies On Cameo

Leviev claims to have a new gig with Cameo, but Instagram is busy making fun of him instead of taking him seriously. Many Instagram users are trolling him, using the same lines he used on his alleged victims on Tinder, writing comments like, "I need some cash asap, please dm me for further instructions. Our lives are in danger."

Others are way more direct, one comment reading, "return the money to the girls, you fake rich douche. You can lie all you want but the girls have evidence including your threatening voice messages. If you are really innocent, grow some b**ls, go back to Europe and face your accusers in court."

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According to TMZ, Leviev joined Cameo a couple of days back and had already started making money. He's allegedly getting waves of requests from fans to make messages, and he charges $200 for a personal video and a steeper $2,000 for a business. Apparently, he's already made $30,000 in the first three days, although this is definitely not Ferrari money.

His "fans " have wanted him to make birthday and anniversary shoutouts as well as pep talks, but no "warning" videos yet. Perhaps Tinder could hire him for a dating advice video, telling women what not to do?

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Simon Leviev Still Denies Being Tinder Swindler

Simon Leviev denies being The Tinder Swindler
Instagram | The Tinder Swindler

Despite being convicted, spending time in prison, and having the Netflix documentary "The Tinder Swindler" tell his conning tales, Levive denies being the conman he is portrayed as. His first-ever video interview will be out on February 21 and 22, where he denies it all.

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Instagram users are not terribly impressed with his claims, feeling his "story" is just that, another story. Meanwhile his bodyguard, Piotr, whose "bloodied face" was used to entrap women further, as per the Netflix true-crime documentary is also speaking up, after sending a "cease and desist" notice to the streaming channel.

Apparently, he was not part of the scam and demands that Netflix issue him an official page. Let's see how that goes down.

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