Fans React To Hailie Jade Attending Dad Eminem's Super Bowl Halftime Show

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By Alisan Duran on February 14, 2022 at 10:33 AM EST

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is her dad's biggest fan.

The social media star, 26, attended the Super Bowl LVI on Sunday to watch her famous dad, Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, 49, perform on stage.

The rapper took the stage at SoFi Stadium alongside his fellow performers, including Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Snoop Dogg, with surprise guest 50 Cent.

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Proud Daughter Moment

Hailie, who was in the stands, took to her Instagram Story and shared some clips of her dad performing his 2002 Oscar and Grammy-winning single, "Lose Yourself." She also added a mirror selfie showing off her casual ensemble that included a white shirt underneath a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and white sneakers.

Hailie also posted a picture of herself to her feed where she posed from inside one of the stadium's private boxes while overlooking the field.

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"Here for the halftime show, staying for Stafford ? " Hailie wrote -- giving a shoutout to Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

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The Post Earned Over 200,000 Likes

Hailie Jade taking a selfie at the Super Bowl LVI
Instagram | Hailie Jade

Fans reacted to her share, which racked up over 278,000 likes and more than 2,500 comments within 10 hours of posting to the social media site.


"Must be crazy to see your father up there performing ! I couldn’t imagine what that’s like!" added another follower.

"AW U MUST BE SUPER PROUD RN THIS IS SO COOL," remarked the third commenter.

"Your daddy blew it out.. like always.. my 10 yr old daughters fave song," a fourth user chimed in.

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Eminem Getting Stage Fright

Ahead of his Super Bowl performance, Eminem admitted on SiriusXM’s "Sway in the Morning" on Shade 45 that he was nervous about the show.

"I’m gonna tell you is it f–king nerve-racking. Okay, it’s f–king nerve-racking," He told host Sway Calloway. "This to me — there’s nothing more final than live TV. So, if you f–k up, your f–k up is there forever."

Praising Dr. Dre

During the chat, Eminem also expressed his fascination over Dr. Dre’s vision for the big day.

"When the whole thing started going down and we were like, ‘OK, this might be actually serious,'" he said. "I was trying to envision what Dre might do. I was thinking like, yeah, that’s dope that all of us are gonna rap together, right, and that kind of thing, but I didn’t expect the production to be like this."

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Rooting For The Home Team

Turns out, the father and daughter like the same team as Eminem revealed to Calloway that he's a fan of the LA Rams and their quarterback, who previously played for the rapper's home team, the Detroit Lions.

"Stafford, first of all, we feel like, this is the closest we’re gonna get to a Super Bowl — is through Matt Stafford," he said.

"It’s a perfect scenario where I can root for a team that I like because of Matt Stafford and the Detroit connection, but the stars are aligned. And I’mma tell you why. Because Al Michaels is doing the game and I’m a huge fan of Al Michaels," the "8 Mile" star continued.

This year’s big game saw the LA Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals with 23-20.

Proud Of Her Daughter Hailie

Hailie is Eminem's biological daughter with ex-wife Kim Scott. The former couple is also parents to Alaina Marie Mathers, 28, who is actually the daughter of Kim's twin sister Dawn Scott, and Whitney Scott Mathers, 19, whom the rapper also adopted.

In March 2020, Eminem talked about how proud he was of Hailie on Mike Tyson's "Hotboxin" podcast.

"Hailie is 23," he said of his daughter. "Not babies, nope. Just boyfriend and she’s doing good she has made me proud for sure. She graduated from college, 3.9."

Hailie studied psychology at Michigan State University.

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"Yeah it definitely is crazy," he continued. "I have a niece that I have helped raise too, that’s kind of like a daughter pretty much like a daughter to me and she’s 26 and then I have a younger one that’s 17 now. So when I think about my accomplishments, that’s probably the thing I’m most proud of is that is being able to raise kids."

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