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The Budget For Amazon's 'LOTR: The Rings Of Power' Is Over $1 Billion

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By Favour Adegoke on February 13, 2022 at 4:30 AM EST

Fans were excited about the announcement of the “Lord Of The Rings” inspired show, “Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power,” and definitely can’t wait for the release of its first episode in September. J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” remains a fan-favorite for novel readers and an all-time influential fantasy book. 

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More fans of the story were won through Director Peter Jackson’s “Lord Of The Rings” movie adaptation trilogy from 2001 to 2003, which broke the Box Office and grossed a little less than $3 billion worldwide. 

Fourteen years after the end of the trilogy, the TV rights to the show were purchased by Amazon for $250 million in 2017, and Amazon Prime Video confirmed the date for the release of “The Rings Of Power.” Read on to find out more about the upcoming show.

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Lord Of The Ring’s Budget Is $1Billion

With a budget of over a billion dollars, the show is set to hold the record for the most expensive series ever created, raising several eyebrows. Though Amazon did not give the precise budget for the series, Vanity Fair estimated the cost of the first season andput it at $462 million. 

When the budget for the future seasons and the marketing is added, the amount even exceeds the estimated $1 billion, a budget Jennifer Salke, an Amazon Executive, defended on the ground of the promising future of the series.

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Many fans are unbothered and expect the best, seeing as their epic “Wheel Of Time” fantasy series proved successful on Amazon Prime Video. With this new one, they are excited and curious to see how Amazon planned to interpret Tolkien’s work in “The Rings Of Power” and their favorite characters from the trilogy and hope for the show’s success. 

The Series Has A Unique Story

Contrary to what many fans believed, the show would not be remaking the movie trilogy; however, it would borrow from several parts of Tolkien’s stories and merge them to create a unique narrative and storyline. 

Upon the show’s announcement, fans questioned the use of the name “The Lord of the Rings” since the show was supposed to be set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, making it different from the original trilogy. Though details of the plot have not yet been revealed, the premise of “The Rings Of Power” sets it to 300 decades before the trilogy, which is set during the Third Age. 

Fans believe this new story should border on the events that led to the creation of the “Rings Of Power,” the awakening of Sauron the Dark Lord, and the relationship between elves and men.

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Bezos Loves Tolkien

While the immense investment into “Rings Of Power” seemed like a lot, due to Jeff Bezos’s great wealth and his position as one of the wealthiest people in the world, it may not be as extravagant a contribution as people think.

The billionaire is believed to be personally obsessed with Tolkien and his work and therefore was eager to invest in this project. He posted a photo on Twitter that shows that he is hopeful that the show will succeed.


The photo showed him posing beside a sign for the new series with the caption, “Coming this September 2nd. Can’t wait for you to see it.” Several fans replied with memes, while others tweeted, saying that they “couldn’t wait to watch the “Lord Of The Ring” series.”

The Show May Run For Five Seasons

Fans are unsure how many seasons the show will run for, but some believe Amazon has five seasons in store for viewers, the reason for which is unconfirmed. However, others believe that the number of seasons depends on the reception and success of the show. 

Amazon also revealed that the show dates back to years before “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy, which would definitely thrill fans, along with the return of their favorite characters like Elrond and Galadriel (as their younger selves). 

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