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Aaron Carter Teases New Music: ‘The Answer To All Your Judgement’

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By Kristin Myers on February 11, 2022 at 7:00 PM EST

Singer Aaron Carter is looking to get back in the music game!

On Friday, he took to Twitter to retweet some supportive messages from his fans before he posted his own message, calling his “rehabilitation” one of the greatest accomplishments of his life while teasing his latest single.

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Aaron Carter Calls His Rehabilitation His ‘Greatest’ Accomplishment!

On Friday, the “I’m All About You” singer tweeted, “My rehabilitation is one of my greatest if not THE Most accomplish accolade of my life and my success.”

“I’m an amazing father and person and NO ONE is going to tell me otherwise,” he added. “My mother knows me my fiancé and God and that’s all that matters. There IS NO DAMAGE CONTROL NEEDED. X”

However, some of his fans weren’t so sure. “You were literally wasted on live like a week ago..” one fan commented.

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“Having a child is a blessing,” another fan wrote. “You realize there is allot more to live for and that you are someone’s hero now. Failure is not a option. Best advice keep your head of out the gutter and focus on what’s important!”

“when you endure pain and trauma your whole life it affects every aspect of your life,” another fan said. “people who haven't been through it don't get what it takes out of a person. it's easy for them to judge.”

“Aaron, spot on,” another said. “Congrats.”

Most of the criticism seems to be in regards to his parenting, which Carter addressed in a separate tweet later that day.

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Aaron Carter Says That ‘Justice Will Be Served’

Later in the day, Carter criticized his “haters,” saying, “It’s pure obsession jealousy and attempts to blackball me. It’s NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. They’ve been trying and conspiring doing this it’s against the law and justice will be served.”

He attached a private message from someone named Valerie Studnick. The message reads:

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“OK I can’t take this anymore with these people this is out of control and I appreciate what you said to me last night I am an expert in this field I did not see the video that they’re talking about and I cannot clearly see it I have seen that that child sleeps in a crib there’s nothing wrong with the child being in that bed near you until he falls asleep at the proper distance I know what I’m talking about I am direct or qualified I have been in this field for over 30 years I am tired of these people bombarding you I will do anything in my power to stick up for you and if they are going to see you why the f--- are they watching your videos anyway this is getting out-of-control are you telling are you trying to…”

Despite the criticism he's received, several fans took to the comments to show their support.

“Parents always get s--- on no matter how they choose to parent - there’s different styles of parenting for a reason it’s all about what you’re comfortable with as long as the child is happy and healthy and has everything they need - screw what others think,” one fan wrote.

“my baby slept with me, in my bed, the first weeks of her life,” another wrote. “she is now a gorgeous 16 year old. a child needs their parents to be close. being born in a cold world after 9 months in a warm womb doesn't sound like a lot of fun.”

“We are all with you all the way Aaron,” another commented. “Peace brother.”

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Aaron Carter Teases New Album 'Demons' With Rocky Luciano!

On Friday, the “I Want Candy” singer posted a 45-second snippet of music for his fans and revealed that he was working on a new album.

“Here’s the answer to all your judgment,” he tweeted. “I’m who I am. Ima father now and I’ve been through many struggles. I’ll be the first one to admit that. And I’m approaching five years of sobriety and completing my album ‘Demons’ Ft Rocky Luciano.”

“Love it!” one fan wrote. “You amaze me Aaron you really do I’m so d--- proud of you.”

“So proud of you,” another shared. “And I’m really excited for the new music, you’re amazing!!”

There's no word yet about when his new music will drop but fans are hopeful that it will be sometime in 2022!

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