Adele accused of being a TERF

Adele Under Fire For 'I Love Being A Woman' Speech: Twitter Hotly Debates

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By Rima Pundir on February 10, 2022 at 9:35 AM EST

Adele seems to find herself under a spotlight, again. First off, fans were split, down in the middle, when she canceled her Las Vegas residency, at the literal last minute, leaving many of her fans stranded without a show at the Ceaser's Palace. Flight tickets parts, many people lost money on hotel reservations as Adele tearfully took to Instagram, speaking about last-minute cancellations due to COVID-19, and other delays.

Her ring sparked engagement rumors at the BRIT awards as well, and now, her acceptance speech at the same has also become a hotbed of controversy, with Twitter debating if Adele was a "TERF", as in a trans-exclusionary radical feminist, or not.

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This Is What Adele Said

Adele being deemed "transphobic" over BRIT speech

At the BRIT awards held in London, earlier this week on Tuesday, Adele won three trophies to her credit. Plus, she performed on stage as well, in one stunning dress. Notably, this was the music awards' first-ever gender-neutral even, where there were no separate male and female categories. Instead, both male and female artists competed against one another in the same classifications of awards.

33-year-old Adele, stepped on the O2 Arena's spotlit stage to receive the venerated "Artist of the Year" award, beating out the likes of Ed Sheeran. After collecting the trophy, Adele made a speech, in which she said, "I understand why the name of this award has changed but I really love being a woman and being a female artist. I do! I’m really proud of us, I really, really am."

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As she walked off to applause, a storm arose in social media, with many now accusing Adele of being TERF-y, if not a TERF.

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"Losing Respect For Adele": Declare Some On Twitter

One of the first Twitter users who took offense at Adele's speech was Jacob, who describes himself as "Performer, host & total attention seeker. LGBTQ issues, pop culture, media, menswear, trans liberation & the arts. Staunch feminist. BLM. ADHD. He/him."

He wrote, "Please, no, ADELE can’t be a TERF. That last comment, though ambiguous, could be perceived as TERF-y. Please no."

The comment in question bein Adele saying that she "loves being a woman."

Another fan/troll of Adele seemed undecided as they first wrote, "Who’d have thought Adele was a transphobe and would use her platform to call for the destruction of the trans community. Especially the confused teenagers."

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And then also wrote, "If Adele gets canceled because of my Sardonic s**t-post I’m going to be in a lot of trouble with my sister."

To this, one Twitter user asked for their address, as a reply, so that they could send over some straws "to grasp at"

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Plenty Of Supporters Rally For Her

Adele at the BRIT Awards 2022

Wrote one Twitter user, Joss Prior, "Yesterday Adele said she was proud to be a woman and female. It was a joyful moment!! As a trans woman, I want every woman to be proud of who she is, 100%. I want every woman in this country to stand up and say the same thing. I support the shit out of that."

She continued to say, "I want that for every woman, even if they are gender critical. Even if they are resistant to trans rights or worse. There is no reason why a cisgender woman being proud of her identity, interferes negatively with me, a trans woman, being proud of my identity. I celebrate it."

Another Twitter user replied to Jacob's TERF comment, writing, "She's a woman. She's a female artist. Facts, Jacob. She's triumphed in a male-dominated industry. She's every right to celebrate being a successful woman. If that bothers you, then the issue is your misogyny."

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There are plenty of Tweets to use sarcasm as a very effective tool as well, as a reply to Jacob read, "How DARE Adele use language that is not inclusive of those who identify as women, female and artists but are none of these things? She should have said "I love being a sentient birthing unit and a vulva-carrying entertainer" Only transwomen can say they're "proud of being women"! "

Mic drop! It seems Adele does not even have to tweet in her defense. Her army of fans is more than ready to support the "Rolling in the Deep" singer.

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