LOS ANGELES - JAN 28: Kellan Lutz, Brittany Gonzales at the "What Men Want" Premiere at the Village Theater on January 28, 2019 in Westwood, CA

Kellan Lutz And Wife Britanny Gonzales Expecting Their 2nd Child

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By Favour Adegoke on February 6, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST

Kellan Lutz became popular between 2008 and 2012 after appearing in "The Twilight Saga" movie series as Emmett Cullen. The success of the movies paved the way for the actor, and he went on to star in several box office hits as lead characters.

Regardless of the alarming amount of attention the actor got from female fans, he was scandal-free until he married his wife Brittany Gonzales in a secret ceremony. Gonzales is a model and tv host, and the two were set up by the actor's best friend.

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Kellan Lutz, Brittany Gonzales at the "What Men Want" Premiere
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The couple welcomed their first child in early 2021, after a harrowing experience the previous year. With barely a year in between, the couple is expecting another addition to their family. They shared the news via Instagram and dubbed the pregnancy "2 Under 2 in 2022."

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Lutz And Gonzales Are Expecting Their Second Baby

The couple is currently expecting their second baby and decided to share the news with the public with a touching video reveal on Instagram on Thursday. They also had a pregnancy photoshoot with their nearly one-year-old, Ashtyn Lilly.

Gonzales broke the news to her husband in the video clip they posted by sending him an iCal invitation. The invitation contained their baby's expected due date. After that, the video transitioned into the couple's photoshoot with their first daughter Ashtyn, where she had on a "big sister" onesie.

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Lutz looked shocked before he immediately jumped up to hug Gonzales. The clip then moved to when Gonzales went for an ultrasound. The "Twilight" actor announced the news to his followers via a post on Instagram captioned, "2 under 2 in 2022. God is Good! Babies are the Best! Love you forever and always @brittanylynnlutz."

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On her social media page, Gonzales shared the same video captioned, "2 UNDER 2 IN 2022!!!! Some might say we're crazy, we say we're crazy BLESSED."

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Lutz And Gonzales Welcomed Their First Child In Early 2021

The couple welcomed their first child, Ashtyn, on February 22, 2021. The 32-year-old shared three polaroid pictures of herself and her husband with the new baby to announce the birth. Her post on Instagram revealed that she felt the time of her child's birth was symbolic because it brought "sun, clear skies, and winter melting away."

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She wrote, "The day she came into the world, it was snowing, raining, and freezing, but that night she was born, and we woke up to sun, clear skies, and winter melting away. It was so symbolic considering this time last year was literally winter for our souls only to be met one year later with the brightest sunshine."

Gonzales Lost A Pregnancy When She Was Seven Months Gone

Before their first daughter was born, Gonzales revealed that she suffered a pregnancy loss. She was seven months pregnant, and the loss was a big one. The 32-year-old shared a post where she talked about the loss and how she struggled to accept it.

She wrote, "This day last year, 1/30/20, in my 7th month of pregnancy, I walked into a drs appointment SO excited to see our girl. Kellan was in NY, and I was in LA, where our dr was. (He was going to wrap the show & we were going to deliver in LA) I was practically giddy in the drs office and couldn't wait to send him pictures and videos of our daughter."

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Gonzales continued, "Instead, I had to call and tell him that our sweet girl was with Jesus. Even though she was still in my body. Talk about psychological torment." She also said that the next couple of weeks were dreadful for her, and she was struggling to "wrap my head around everything that had happened."

A Friend Set Lutz And Gonzales Up

Lutz and Gonzales met while he was filming "7 Guardians of the Tomb." The two were apart that time, with Lutz shooting in Australia and Gonzales in Orange County, California. In an interview with Studio 10, the "Twilight" actor revealed that they were set up by his best friend, Chris Wolf.

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They talked over the phone for over seven hours and continued corresponding till they met after the 36-year-old was done filming. When talking about the relationship, Lutz revealed there was an almost instant connection between them because they shared most of the same values.

His words were, "She's a Christian, I'm a Christian. I have respect for that. I never really dated anyone who believes the same thing as me. And I realize that's where you should start." The couple got secretly married in November 2017, only a month after their engagement announcement.

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