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Mark Hamill Wants Fans To Guess The Title Of His New Netflix Show!

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By Kristin Myers on February 3, 2022 at 10:04 AM EST

Fans of Mark Hamill are anxiously awaiting his next role!

Although Hamill is best known as the actor behind Jedi Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” Skywalker Saga films - and most recently on "The Mandalorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett" - Hamill has a career in voice acting going back decades. Last October, he recently lent his voice to an animated episode of Shudder’s “Creepshow.”

As The Blast previously reported, it looks like Mark Hamill is stepping behind the camera once again in an upcoming Netflix project created by Mike Flanagan, who is the mastermind behind Netflix horror classics such as “The Haunting of Hill House,” “The Haunting of Bly Manor” and the recent “Midnight Mass,” all of which were critically acclaimed by fans.

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The cast of Midnight Mass gathers in the church film set for a group photo.
Instagram / flanaganfilm
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It should be noted that Flanagan and producing partner Trevor Macy have a fourth project in the works ahead of their fifth collaboration with Hamill called “Midnight Club,” which is an adaption of the young adult novel by Christopher Pike.

We could tell you the title of the new show... but it seems that Mark Hamill wants his fans to guess what it is!

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Mark Hamill Plays A Guessing Game With Fans To Promote Upcoming Horror Series!

Many fans were quickly able to piece together that the name of Mark Hamill's new show is "The Fall of the House of Usher." It wasn't all that hard to piece together, especially considering that Mike Flanagan has been teasing updates about it on Twitter for quite a while!

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According to TV Line, the fifth Flanagan and Macy collaboration to hit Netflix will be called “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Although fans may be familiar with the short story the horror legend published in the 1800s, Netflix described the show as a “modern remix” of several Edgar Allan Poe works.

It is possible that the remix will include several of Poe’s best works, such as “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Cask of Amontillado,” and poems “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee.” Netflix further described the story as “an epic tale of greed, horror, and tragedy.”

 Mark Hamill Loves When His Homework Gives Him Nightmares!

The name of the new series was also pretty easy to guess, considering Mark Hamill posted a photo of himself reading "The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe" the day before.

Hamill will be joined by actress Carla Gugino, who has appeared in many of Flanagan’s other Netflix projects. Oscar nominee Frank Langella has been cast as Usher family patriarch Roderick Usher. “Major Crimes” star Mary McDonnell has been cast as his twin sister, Madeline Usher, and “Alias” actor Carl Lumbly has been cast as detective C. Auguste Dupin. Willa Fitzgeraldjoined the cast on January 28.

Hamill’s character hasn’t been named, although it was teased that his character is “surprisingly at home in the shadows.”

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The series will last eight episodes; each of which has been written by Flanagan himself. He and long-time collaborator Michael Fimognari will each be directing four episodes each.

Mike Flanagan Teases Production Updates On Twitter'

On January 31, Mike Flanagan revealed that they had begun filming for the show.

"Break a lens," one fan wrote.

"Everything this man makes is absolute gold," another fan wrote. "I cannot wait."

"Good luck, sir!" another added. "Can't wait to see what comes out of it!"

Flanagan has also been busy interacting with his fans, like sharing this concept teaser poster.

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He has also been retweeting photos from other members of the cast.

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No release date has been announced for the show yet, but fans are hopeful that it will be available for streaming on Netflix in 2023!

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