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By Favour Adegoke on January 30, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST

Dolly Parton is an American in her 70s who has managed to stay relevant in the past few decades despite her age. She is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman who was born on January 19, 1946.

She is widely known for her ingenuity in releasing chart-breaking Country songs but has done a few other things like contributing to the world vaccine research for the Covid-19 pandemic co-starred in a few movies, to mention a few.

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In all of her artistry, she has not only dabbled into it but broken records in the music and movie industry. Even with her current achievements, she is not looking to stop anytime soon. Parton wants to add 'author' to her biography.

She is on the verge of becoming a first-time novelist in collaboration with a veteran author, James Patterson. While the fans of Parton are happy to get something new from her, some others are wondering how she and James are related.

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Parton Wants To Release A Novel

In mid-2021, Parton officially announced that she would be collaborating with a good friend and New York Times' Best-Selling author, James Patterson, to release a novel titled "Run, Rose, and Run."

According to Parton's website, the novel would be based on the singer's life as a young girl trying to chase her dreams and get things right. In a press release, Parton confessed that she is very thrilled to release her first book with an experienced author.

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She also has a CD coming along with the novel to show that she is coming with a bang on her first book. Most of her new songs were written based on the situations and characters in the novel, and a lot more is invested in it.

In the same release, she said she hoped that people enjoy the novel as much as she and Patterson enjoyed working on it together. Fans are very excited to wait for the release on March 7, 2022, and people are also looking forward to her and Patterson's friendship.

Parton And Patterson are Veterans In Their Worlds

The way Parton is a superstar in her world is the same way Patterson has mastered his craft in his world. The veteran writer has authored books like "Along Came a Spider," "Kiss The Girls," "Jack and Jill," and "Cat and Mouse."

According to Business Insider, all of these novels were once New York Times' Best Sellers. Considering Patterson's big name in the literary space, it's a no-brainer that she is teaming up with him as a co-author for her debut novel.

However, apart from the shared talents between the two, they also have a lot more in common. The commonness seems to have been responsible for how well they work together, and fans of both are happy to see it.

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What Do They Have In Common?

Parton, in an interview with People, said she and Patterson are very similar in the fact that they like having a good time. Being so chilled even when working together made them enjoy the work a lot more.

Parton also confessed that Patterson was the one who made the move to work with her. When she got the message, she responded affirmatively and was happy about it. However, co-writing a book isn't as easy as Parton thought.

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Despite the odds against two adults trying to rub minds together to produce a masterpiece, they were able to create a fantastic work relationship atmosphere around each other during multiple writing sessions.

Parton Explained Her Work Process

In the same interview, she described her work process with Patterson. She got good ideas for titles from whatever Patterson wrote, would write something about it, and paint a realistic and relatable situation for it.

Patterson will, in turn, expand more on the characters and situations in the novel. To her, the process of starting and picking up from where the other stopped was a beneficial one for both of them.

Also, judging from their track records in their respective fields, we may have an award-winning and New York Times' Best Seller novel coming out in a month and a half. Being a debut novel, Parton is investing so much into the success.

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