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Should Bryce Dallas Howard Direct A 'Star Wars' Film? Fans Say Yes!

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By Kristin Myers on January 27, 2022 at 5:30 PM EST

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard has made a name for herself as a director.

Daughter of great filmmaker Ron Howard, it’s no surprise that Bryce Dallas Howard feels just as comfortable behind the camera as she does in front of it!

She has directed two episodes of the “Star Wars” Disney+ live-action series “The Mandalorian.” She directed “Sanctuary” in season 1 and “The Heiress” in season 2.

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The Mandalorian
Instagram / themandalorian
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She also directed last night’s episode of “The Book of Boba Fett,” starring Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett and Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand. However, Boba Fett was nowhere to be found in the latest chapter of his own book.

Instead, the story focused on the titular Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), Mandalorian culture, and his arrival on Tatooine.

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Bryce Dallas Howard Teases Latest Episode: #LoveMyJob

On Wednesday, Bryce Dallas Howard teased the latest episode of “The Book of Boba Fett” in a Twitter post.

She tweeted “Happy Boba Day” and a green heart-emoji alongside the hashtags #TheBookofBobaFett, #StarWars, and #LoveMyJob.

The post got over 50,000 likes from fans who loved what she brought to a galaxy far, far away.

“You directed the best episode of Book of Boba Fett thus far,” one fan wrote. “Bravo! EXCELLENT job! THIS is the WAY!”

“You need to direct a Star Wars movie,” another fan wrote.

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“YOU NEED AN ENTIRE SERIES OR TRILOGY!!!” an excited fan commented. “Amazing work, my gosh. I’m so floored. Going to watch a dozen more times.”

“One of the very best hours of Star Wars ever,” commented another fan. “Give this woman a Star Wars movie da—it.” Another fan replied to the comment to say, “*trilogy.”

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“Thanks so much for this episode,” said another. “You understand very well the science of Star Wars! I hope Disney chooses you for more projects!”

“You are a QUEEN!” wrote another. “Thank you so much for all the amazing things you’ve done with Star Wars. I mean, every episode you’ve directed has been phenomenal. Words are not enough to describe how grateful the fandom is for you. The absolute best.”

Bryce Dallas Howard To Direct Another Episode In Season 3 Of ‘The Mandalorian’

It was previously announced that Bryce Dallas Howard plans to direct an episode of “The Mandalorian” and fans already can’t wait!

“After this, she should get her own series,” one fan commented. “That woman understands Star Wars from its core.”

“She is so good!!!” another wrote. “I need more of her in Star Wars.”

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“Man just give her a whole series,” another added.

“Just her a movie already,” said another.

“Every Star Wars episode she directed are absolute ace so far,” commented another fan. “Can’t wait for more.”

“Honestly I hope she returns for something in Ahsoka too!” another added. “Basically let her do whatever she wanted.”

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“Lucasfilm should give her a whole movie to direct,” another added. “She knows what she’s going.”

“Nobody does it like her,” said another. “She is the best Star Wars director we have gotten since 2012. Just amazing. She needs her own series or movie series. QUICKLY.”

“Directs amazingly, she knows exactly how to make an intense and visually active episode,” said another. “Not just with #TheMandalorian and #TheBookOfBobaFett.”

Although there’s still no telling when season 3 of “The Mandalorian” will hit Disney+, fans will keep an eye out for Bryce Dallas Howard’s return to a galaxy far, far away!

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