Kanye West Julia Fox arriving at Schiaparelli show during Paris Fashion Week 2022

Julia Fox Is THIRSTY For Attention, Debuts ‘Juliye’ To The World

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By MLC on January 25, 2022 at 3:45 PM EST

Julia Fox and Kanye ‘Ye’ West have been turning heads since their whirlwind romance began on New Year’s Eve.

More recently, the couple have taken their love affair international and made their first red carpet debut at Paris Fashion Week over the weekend.

The couple sported multiple matching outfits, one of which gave a slight nod to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s 2001 double-denim outfits at the American Music Awards.

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Kanye West and Julia Fox seen as they come back from the Kenzo show during the Fashion Week in Paris on january 23rd 2022. 23 Jan 2022 Pictured: Kanye West and Julia Fox. Photo credit: KCS Presse / MEGA TheMegaAgency.com +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA822016_013.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]
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Julia and Ye also donned matching all-black, leather outfits, and Ye whipped out his signature head mask.

The “Uncut Gems” star reposted a paparazzi photo of them in their all-black ensembles to her Instagram Story, and captioned it “Juliye ?.”

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Julia Fox Introduces 'Juliye' To The World

Julia Fox posts "Juliye"

This appears to be the “ship” name or couple name Julia has chosen for them.

Despite saying multiple times, she has ZERO expectations for their relationship, it looks like she might be falling harder and faster than she expected.

It’s one thing to get a “ship” name from fans after years of dating, but to give YOURSELF and a significant other a “ship” name after less than a month of dating… bit of a red flag.

Twitter caught wind of the Julia’s Story post and naturally, put in their two cents about “Juliye.”

One tweeted, “Julia is so thirsty for this. #Juliye.”

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“I’m literally shaking with embarrassment? I know Kim is cackling. ’Juliye’ ? pls have some dignity,” another unimpressed person tweeted.

A Twitter user compared their “ship” name to horror movie characters, while another commented, “Kanye West & Julia Fox are what a mid life crisis looks like.”

Many others are saying their relationship is all for publicity and an attempt by Kanye to compete with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship.

Regardless of what the internet thinks, Julia has stated that she is not in the relationship for fame or money.

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The Blast previously told you about Julia making the claim on her podcast, “Forbidden Fruits.”

During a recent episode of her podcast, “Forbidden Fruits,” Julia said, "People are like 'Oh, you're only in it for the fame, you're in it for the clout, you're in it for the money.' Honey, I've dated billionaires my entire adult life, let's keep it real."

"It's funny cause I'm getting all of this attention, but I really couldn't care," Julia said.

Her biggest purpose is to continue creating art and “putting things into the world.”

Julia Says She 'Couldn't Care' About The Attention

Julia Fox, Kanye West, Madonna, Antonio Brown, and Floyd Mayweather hanging out.
Instagram | Madonna

"Watch my movie, read my book. That is more thrilling to me now than eyes on me. I couldn't care less."

Julia also opened up about the status of her relationship with Ye and her connection with Davidson during another episode of her podcast.

When talking about Pete, she said their connection is “all love,” but made sure to clarify its “really not that serious.”

The two starred on a 2019 cover of Paper Magazine where they were dressed as Barbie and Ken Doll.

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Pete Davidson smiling

“I love the Paper Magazine cover of me and Pete, that shoot that we did and we’re the Barbie dolls,” she said. “But it is funny to see where people go with their conspiracy theories.”

With the content she and Kanye are dishing out, the conspiracy theories runneth over.

She explained the reason why the four of them are getting so much attention is due to the Metaverse.

You know, the made up, but kind of real place Mark Zuckerberg created?

“Because its meta. We were all connected, like even prior. You know what I mean…we’re all artists,” she explained.

This is true!

The same year Pete and Julia did PaperMagazine, the ‘SNL’ star grabbed dinner with Kanye and Kim.

Of that initial interaction, Pete said the West’s were the “cutest couple.”

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“By the way I just want to say Kim and Kanye are the cutest couple ever. Very, very sweet people. I had a really good time with them,” he told Jimmy Fallon.

Kim Kardashian Breaks Her Silence On Pete Davidson Relationship?!
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When Pete and Kim initially got together many thought it was just a PR stunt and that it would be over after the holidays, clearly that isn’t the case.

She echoed this sentiment saying, “There’s always people that think every single celebrity scandal is a setup. I personally don’t.”

So, where do she and Kanye stand in their non-PR stunt relationship?

“Listen, for right now, I’m just living in the moment and I don’t have any expectations, there’s no labels, none of that. It’s just people that make each other feel better,” Julia admitted of their romance.

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