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Inside Cole Hauser And Wife's Selfless Gesture For Sister-In-Law, Brittany Daniel

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By Favour Adegoke on January 24, 2022 at 6:30 PM EST

Cole Hauser is an American actor who got married to his wife, Cynthia Daniel, sixteen years ago. The 46-year-old man is best known for his roles in movies like "2 Fast 2 Furious," "A Good Day To Die Hard," and "Pitch Blank."

His wife, Daniel, is an American photographer and former actress. She is the second half of Brittany Daniel, a famous American actress, and is best known for playing Elizabeth Wakefield in "Sweet Valley High."

Hauser and Daniel, the parents of three, make social media posts expressing the importance of family. They recently backed up their claims with a selfless act shown to Daniel's twin sister, Brittany. Please keep reading to see how they helped her fulfill her dreams.

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Hauser And Daniel's Selfless Act To Brittany

Eleven years ago, Daniel's twin sister was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma – cancer of the lymph nodes. She underwent many chemotherapy sessions that reduced her chances of conceiving a child.

According to Good Morning America, Daniel explained that she went to see an IVF doctor who revealed her chances of giving birth to a child. She said it was devastating to know that she might not conceive again.

However, when Brittany told the IVF doctor about her twin sister, the doctor immediately asked about her well-being. She told the doctor that her sister, a mother of three, was doing very fine, so he advised her to invite Daniel.

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Brittany recalled asking Daniel if she was open to the idea, and Daniel gave an affirmative reply without hesitation. She said when Cynthia heard the call, she was happy to come in and help.

The doctor told Brittany and her sister that they shared the same DNA. After Hauser and his wife understood the process, Daniel didn't hesitate to donate an egg for Brittany to become a mother finally.

The couple has reportedly been very supportive of Brittany since she began her journey to motherhood. Brittany tried to carry a baby multiple times, but they opted for another means after failed embryo transfers.

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Brittany Welcomed A Girl Child

A few months after the egg donation process, Brittany and her husband, Adam Touni, welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Hope. Brittany said she hoped that her journey to motherhood would serve as an inspiration to other women struggling with infertility.

She said the feeling of holding her baby around her arms sealed her certainty that nothing is impossible. Daniel, who supported her throughout, still felt shocked that Brittany could have a child from such a small act of kindness.

Brittany reiterated that Hope is their child, although Daniel gave her one of her eggs. She said the most important thing is that they look at Hope, and she is their child.

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Cole Hauser's Family In Hollywood

Hauser comes from a family filled with dignitaries in Hollywood. Starting from his great-grandfather, who started Warner Bros, they have been producing actors, directors, and entertainers in the family.

Apart from the entire house of actors, Hauser also married a woman who has an entertaining history in the industry. Daniel was a child model and former actress, as she was famous for her role in "Sweet Valley High."

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She reprised her role in the American comedy/drama series for three years, between 1994 to 1997. Recently, she became more focused on her photography career and motherhood. She's currently parenting Ryland (17 years), Colt (15 years), and Rose (9 years).

When she was younger, she modeled with her sister, Brittany, before they got signed to the Ford Agency. She appeared in YM magazine and Sassy magazine. Both were popular magazines in the twentieth century.

Daniel and Brittany Are Famous Twins

Brittany co-starred with her twin sister in the popular American drama series "Sweet Valley High." Brittany played Jessica, the fashionable and extrovert sister, while Daniel played Elizabeth, the down-to-earth sister.

The sisters also appeared in a 1995 American crime/drama film based on an autobiographical novel, "The Basketball Diaries." Other famous actors in the movie are Leonard DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, and Alexander Chaplin.

At some point, they featured in a famous advert, Doublemint Gum Commercials, as the Doublemint Twins. Later on, Daniel left acting to focus on photography while Brittany continued starring in films like "White Chicks" and "Joe Dirt."

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