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'Jeopardy!' Champ Amy Schneider Talks Tying With Matt Amodio For Second Place! 

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By Kristin Myers on January 24, 2022 at 7:08 AM EST

Current 'Jeopardy!' champion AmySchneider has just reached a major milestone!

Schneider is tied with previous champion Matt Amodio, who set a second-place record of 38 games back in September 2021.

They are both tied for second behind current "Jeopardy!" host Ken Jennings and his seemingly insurmountable win streak of 74 wins set back in 2004.

On Sunday, Amy broke down the details of what it was like to tie Matt Amodio's score.

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Amy Schneider Breaks Down Her Record-Tying Episode!

“After the previous game, I was naturally feeling good!” Amy told her fans. “As always, it was great to know that there was only one more game before I could rest. Friday games had gone well for me, but this one had high stakes, it wouldn't feel great to end up one short of Matt!”

“Started with Balderdash since I wasn't sure what it was about,” she explained. “The answer was ‘things vaguely related to the word 'bald’’ apparently.”

She also commented on a few of the clues that she answered, saying, “Not sure if I'd have remembered Topkapi as being in Istanbul by itself (though I might have), but I recognized Mehmed II as an Ottoman ruler so that sealed it for me.”

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Twitter / jeopardamy
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“I'd never heard of Stephen Leacock, I'm a bit surprised I rang in on that guess, but my instinct was correct, apparently,” she added.

She also questioned the judges on a Winnie the Pooh questions that most fans had were surprised were ruled incorrectly.

“I was really shocked to be ruled incorrect on Heffalumps, and at the break I asked if the judges could look at it,” she explained. “They did, and said it really was only Woozles that they'd been trying to track in the snow, Heffalumps had played some other role (which I've now forgotten again).”

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Amy Schneider Heads Into The Break With A Decent Lead

Amy Schneider
Instagram / jeopardy

“I’ve actually visited the Korean War Memorial, but I couldn't quite recognize it on the monitor,” she explained, adding, “(I'll be seeing an optometrist before the Tournament of Champions!)”

“As the board emptied, we still hadn't found the Daily Double,” she continued. “Avinash made the great decision to jump over the $600 clue in Who ‘E’, and added $1000 to close the gap slightly, but I got the last two clues to go into the break with a decent lead.”

“I was feeling more confident than the score probably merited, but, while I still don't necessarily understand why I tended to improve as the game went on, it had happened enough for me to start to have some faith in it,” she added.

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Heading into the second round, Amy said, “My understanding is that it's now generally believed that Henson and Peary didn't actually get to the North Pole, and that the earliest history around it was so full of errors/fraud that we don't really know who was actually the first to reach it.”

Amy Schneider on Jeopardy!
Instagram / jeopardy
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“And then on the second clue was the first Daily Double!” she said. “Earlier than I would have liked, so I just bet $2000, but the fact that my opponents couldn't get it was still good enough.”

“I did well in Explorers, then decided to get Symphonies out of the way, which was clearly a good decision as we combined to miss three straight there,” she added.

“The -isms category went better, and gave me the second Daily Double,” she continued. “Went with my default wager, and it was looking like another big day for me!”

Amy Schneider Makes Another Big ‘Final Jeopardy’ Wager!

Amy Schneider
Instagram / jeopardy

“Not a lot to say about the last dozen or so clues, but I did well enough that, yet again, I had a big lead going into Final Jeopardy,” she wrote. “I felt better about the big wager after the previous game, so I didn't hesitate too long before going with $20,000.”

“And it paid off!” she continued. “This one just came to me right away for whatever reason; I think I may have read about the ‘supposed discovery’ at the time, but I'm not sure.”

“I'd done it! Another $50K+ payday, and I'd tied Matt!” she wrote. “Thanks as always to Avinash and Koré; again, I can't imagine what it's like to go into the last game of the day against someone on a streak. But they came in with a strategy, and gave it their best, which I always appreciate.”

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Amy Schneider on Jeopardy
Instagram / jeopardy

“So all I needed was one more game, and I'd be all alone in second-place!” she concluded. “And what would come next? I didn't know, and I was too tired to think about it, I was off to call Genevieve and go lie down and not think for an hour or two. See you next week!”

Will Amy Schneider be able to win 39 games on Monday and officially become the second place champion! Fans will just have to watch and find out!

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