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Chanel West Coast close up in a bedroom

Chanel West Coast's Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is keeping it skimpy with a milkshake that's bringing all the boys to the yard. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star today took a brief break from promoting Valentine's Day-released "I Want You" track to appear in something a little unexpected. The MTV face's 3.5 million Instagram followers got the star fronting fast-food chain Sonic, with it looking like West Coast was making a beeline for the milkshakes. She even included a pool splash in her videos. Check it out below.

Milkshake Time

Chanel West Coast in jeans and bra

Scroll for the action. It comes as Chanel makes headlines for stripping down to pink undies and in knee-high boots over V-Day, with the "No Plans" rapper stunning fans with her buns of steel. Proving that workout bodies need fuel and a little cheat food never did a girl any harm, Chanel updated her stories on Tuesday in a white crop top and in front of laptop, also seen with a mouth-watering-looking shake from Sonic.

"Aaaay! I FILMED THIS @chanelwestcoast" appeared in text as the rapper reposted from a videographer, with Chanel seen saying it hasn't been a "typical summer," but that she had her "next big thing."

See The Milkshake Below!

Chanel West Coast in swimsuit on a yacht

Chanel, all dolled up and slurping her white shake, added that she had her "Sonic shake and summer on the internet." West Coast, downing the shake, continued: "I feel good."

Offering no context, but likely earning herself some cash for the promo, Chanel swiftly returned to promoting October 2020-dropped album "America's Sweetheart." The message was short and sweet, just like the 5'3" star – although she claims to grow 12 inches in heels. See the video and her V-day undies below!

See Her Buns Of Steel!


Chanel likely didn't update for free, even if she's a Sonic fan. No #ad had been used, but when it's clear promo, chances are Instagram isn't fussed. Pay on the platform correlates with following, with experts over at Vox having weighed in.

"Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post!"

Scroll for the undies!

'I Workout To Eat'

Chanel West Coast in undies and boots

Chanel, who launched a fitness Youtube last year, has opened up on her philosophies, ones that come with her admitting she burns it so she can eat it.

“You need to work out! she told Hollywood Life, adding:" I try to eat healthy but since I work out I still enjoy a large pizza by myself! But In & Out burgers and all those things, you can have those as long as you workout."

Scroll for Chanel begging for help in her underwear!

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