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Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen Defends Dating Married Malik Beasley, Won't Break Up Over Public Pressure

By Jeff Mazzeo

Larsa Pippen is convinced that she didn't do anything wrong by dating married NBA star Malik Beasley, despite her knowledge of his situation.

In a new interview with "Hollywood Unlocked," the jewelry entrepreneur defended her decision to get involved with the Minnesota Timberwolves star and said that she is not a happy homewrecker. Larsa claimed that Beasley and his wife, Montana Yao, were separated, a fact that could be easily determined "if you spent a minute Googling their situation."

Scroll down to see what she regrets about the situation!

She Knew He Was Married

Larsa Pippen on 'Hollywood Unlocked.'
YouTube/FOX Soul

The mother of four revealed that Beasley was upfront about everything with her, including the fact that he was still married and shares a 1-year-old son with Yao.

"We had spoken about it. It wasn't a secret," she said. "I know a lot of people that are married and exiting. I've played that part. So for me, if you're not being shady and you’re telling me all your stuff, I’m going to believe you.”

Pippen continued, "A lot of people are not happy in their situations and they don't want to jump ship until they see someone they like."

However, she did admit that she regrets the way her new relationship was made public. Pictures of Malik and herself walking hand and hand through a mall quickly went viral. Beasley's wife quickly filed for divorce and claimed she was blindsided.

"I feel like I wished that wouldn't have happened," she said about the viral news. "What's the point of that, taking a beating over a guy I just started talking to? It was stupid."

"I just feel like I need to do a better job of not being public with my situation. I wasn't trying to be public with this situation, but it just went and happened that way."

Not The Cause Of His Divorce

Larsa Pippen

Throughout the interview, Pippen seemed convinced that she wasn't the one that caused the divorce between Beasley and Yao, despite Yao's claims.

"I Googled them when I first met him... they weren’t together," Larsa claimed. "They had issues before. It had nothing to do with me, so I wasn't thinking anything about it. If you spent a minute Googling their situation, it wasn't the ideal situation way before me."

Pippen also discussed her public breakup with the entire Kardashian family and expressed sympathy about the Jordyn Woods ordeal.

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