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Nastia Liukin smiling over her shoulder

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Brings The Heat With Massive Thigh Gap

By Whitney Vasquez

Gymnast Nastia Liukin is bringing the heat to Texas despite the arctic temperatures. The 31-year-old Olympian is reminding everyone who is caught in the snowstorm just like her that better days are ahead and she's putting her thigh gap on display for insurance.

Taking to her social media on Tuesday, February 16, the blonde bombshell kept 'em guessing when she slipped her gold medal curves into a pair of ripped jeans and an itty bitty crop top channeling warmer weather.

Sending Temperatures Soaring

Nastia Liukin in a black leotard

Sending temperatures skyrocketing, Nastia Liukin struck a fierce pose in front of a wall full of graffiti and dropped the sizzling throwbacks without warning. Highlighting her long limbs, the star stood straight on towards the camera and showed there's plenty of air between her thighs.

Rocking the skintight jeans that flaunted her massive thigh gap and teeny tiny waist, Nastia Liukin's denim was practically painted-on and fans ate her funky look right up. Matching her ripped jeans with a black tank top with teeny weenie straps, the gymnast left no room for a bra. Scroll to see Nastia's thigh gap!

Too Hot To Handle

Sucking in her stomach with her ribs showing, Nastia Liukin placed her hands in her back pockets and cocked her head to the side as the sun shined down on her glowing skin. Looking like a tanned goddess, the Gymnastics Hall of Famer remembered a time when the weather wasn't freezing and snow didn't hit the ground.

"Few days ago, when polar vortex was just a term that sounded like something out of a space movie," Nastia Liukin captioned the thigh gap throwbacks. Keep scrolling to see her thigh gap!

See Her Thigh Gap

Nastia Liukin flaunting her thigh gap

The flexible fox's sunny snaps left her followers drooling over her killer body with several leaving her thirsty comments. "Beautiful face...incredible body🔥🔥🔥," one person wrote. "Looking good nastia liukin!" added another. "You're hot!" posted a third. Not everyone was impressed with Nastia Liukin's look though. When someone insisted she was too skinny, her fans lashed out.

"If u ate a sandwich it wouldn't hurt!!" the troll wrote. "If you minded your own business it wouldn’t hurt," a follower responded. Nastia Liukin doesn't hesitate to put haters in their place but she's not worried about their body concerns. The gymnast is "mad happy" with her thigh gap!

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