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B. Simone on red carpet

B. Simone Sparks Firestorm Among Fans With Heated Relationship Advice

By Gary Trock

Instagram maven and social media personality, B. Simone, is trending hard on Twitter after a Valentine's Day message she delivered was not taken well by the masses. It all began over the weekend when 30-year-old Simone took to Instagram for a video on relationship advice that harshly criticized women for having too high of expectations when looking for a significant other.

While claiming to be "manifesting" love, B. Simone declared, "We got all these things we want in a man," before rattling off the long laundry list of hopeful qualities.

What Did She Say?

B. Simone making a goofy face
B. Simone / Instagram

"He gotta be tall, he gotta be dark, he gotta be handsome, he gotta have pretty teeth, he gotta bee a family man, he gotta be financially stable, he gotta be rich, he gotta be successful," B. Simone said while going through her mental checklist.

She added, "He gotta be all these things and we ain't even have the things on that list. He gotta be a family man. B--ch, you ain't talked to your mama in six months but you want him to be a family man."

Fans Go Nuclear


Social media users immediately took to Twitter to debate B. Simone's advice, with many believing she was speaking the truth, while others attacked the social media star's character.

"I thought we all agreed to stop listening to B Simone after she scammed y’all with that plagiarized leaflet marketed as a manifestation book," one user on Twitter wrote.

"B Simone should change her name to B Quiet lol," another person commented.

Others did not think the criticism was that crazy, with one social media user stating:

"What B. Simone said is common f--kin sense so I really don’t understand why y’all are hyping up what she said like she spoke a new scripture into the air."

"B. Simone didn’t lie in that video clip but her delivery was horrible and her reputation didn’t help her either," another comment read.

Celebrity Support?

Tyrese on red carpet

Although the Twitter-sphere has exploded with heated arguments around B. Simone, at least one celebrity is throwing his hat in the ring with support and love for the comments.

"Fast & Furious" star Tyrese is making it clear that he not only supports B. Simone, he wants her part of his team.

"Women are pissed? calling her a fraud? But why?" the actor wrote while sharing Simone's video.

He added, "Dear @thebsimone I’m going to hire you as soon as I can...... Promise."

Seeing the comments from Tyrese, B. Simone responded, "I don’t know what you’re hiring me for but I love When i get the job 😂👏🏽👏🏽 manifest Love all 2021."

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