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Aaron Carter taking a selfie in the bathroom

Aaron Carter Takes Drug Test On Instagram, Reveals Results

Aaron Carter / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Aaron Carter is trying to prove that he's continued to stay, pretty much, clean and sober and is now sharing the results of a drug test on social media. The "I Want Candy" singer is actually doing more than just posting the results, he actually shared footage of him urinating into a sample cup and then shaking around his cup until the results were revealed via the indicator strip on the cup. Carter's drug defense comes as the singer prepares to take on troubled former NBA star Lamar Odom for a bizarre celebrity boxing match.

Nothing to Hide

Aaron Carter taking a drug test
Aaron Carter / Instagram

The estranged brother of Nick Carter took to Instagram on Monday evening, with the help of his girlfriend Melanie Martin, and posted a 6-minute long video of himself submitting to an at-home drug test. Carter was seen entering his bathroom and explaining to his over 500,000 fans, "Ok guys, I am going to take a drug test."

However, 33-year-old Carter promised, "I’m not going to show my doodly doodly."

The singer then proceeded to urinate into a sample cup while his girlfriend tried to keep the video within the community guidelines for Instagram.

The Results

After delivering his urine, Aaron Carter declared to naysaying fans that he had not tampered with the sample. Some pointed out that the hue of his bodily fluids suggested the star may be sick, but Carter assured everyone that he was, "Just a little dehydrated, that's all."

After shaking the specimen up and reading the attached strips that test for individual drugs, Aaron Carter revealed the results to his fans. According to the test, it appeared Aaron tested negative for everything except THC and benzodiazepines. He fully cops to smoking marijuana and explained that the benzo tested positive due to his prescription for Xanax.

Preparing for Battle

Aaron Carter and Lamar Odom boxing poster
Aaron Carter / Instagram

"There ya go! Shut the f--k up, let me live my life, you’re all wrong," a defensive Aaron Carter said on his Instagram video.

He added, "Xanax and weed that’s all. I have a prescription from seeing the doctor, that’s it period end of story."

Carter appears to be taking his upcoming bout against Lamar Odom serious and is making sure he stays away from illegal substances, as he has a history of addiction.

Recently, the singer posted a message to those on Instagram doubting his commitment to the fight.

"Y’all don’t think I’m taking this sh-t seriously? Lamar talked about going out and being friends versus what he really needs to do NOT underestimate me I’ve always had a lot to prove aight Yeah maybe it looks like I’m the underdog but y’all got that f--king twisted BE READY," Carter wrote in a heated post.

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