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Cardi B Gets Her Valentine's Day Wish -- See The Over The Top Gifts!

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By Mike Walters

Cardi B got exactly what she was asking for after catching some heat for saying men should buy more expensive gifts than women for Valentine's Day --- and it appears Offset got the message!

The famous couple jetted off to a tropical location to celebrate the holiday with their 2-year-old daughter, Kulture. As they entered the resort, Cardi was greeted by a house filled with white and red roses, giant teddy bears, and heart-shaped balloons.

Cardi shared the stunning set up on Instagram along with other gifts from her rapper husband.

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See The Extravagant Valentine's Day Gifts!


"You did this? You did that? You did that for me?" Cardi asked Offset in a video of the amazing setup.

He replied, "I did that for you."

She added, "You did that for me. Well, I don't even know what to say."

As we reported, Cardi B drew controversy after tweeting about Valentine's Day, saying, "Men do deserve to get gift as well for Valentine's Day, but the gift have to be less expensive then the girl's gift . Soo if he buys you flowers you buy him grass."

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Cardi B Gets Backlash Over Valentine's Day Tweets!

After getting tons of backlash, Cardi doubled down on her message the next day.

"Ok so due to my Vday tweet men came on my Twitter roasting me sayin 'but you bought your man a lambo' but remember...I got 550K ring on my left hand,400k ring on my right , Thousands of dollars In Birkins, soo much jewelry, a Lambo truck and rolls Royce truck we even in gifts," she wrote explaining the gift giving in her marriage.

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Is That A Chanel?!

She continued, "So if ya don't like the flowers & grass comparisons let me give ya one that makes men happy. If you buy her thousand dollars Louboutin heels she should buy you a ps5 that's around 550$. It's fair if you think your gift should cost more then ur girl gift you are just a b---h."

And, if the massive amount of flowers and balloons wasn't enough, Cardi shared a video of herself unwrapping two big Chanel boxes too! It's unclear what is inside, but it looks expensive!

Whatever happened to just getting a nice card?!

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