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Kaley Cuoco close up

Kaley Cuoco Suffers Massive Gag Issue In Bed

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is gagging in bed and begging for help. The 35-year-old "Big Bang Theory" actress, known for her low-key nightie videos, delivered just this last night, but the content was unusual from the "A Cup of Cuoco" face – talk wasn't about the morning coffee Kaley goes to bed dreaming out. The sitcom star was admitting to a seemingly very-uncomfortable mouth situation, one that's seeing her attempt to straighten out her teeth. Invisalign had better watch out for the bad press here. Check it out below.

Gagging Issue

Scroll for the video. Kaley had filmed herself all cozied up for late-night pillow talk and from the $12 million Hidden Hills estate she shares with 2018-married husband Karl Cook. Seen solo and snuggling up to dog Ruby, the girl behind Penny let her 6.4 million fans know she's trying out something new. Yup, Invisalign.

All in white and matching the pillows, Kaley filmed herself in selfie mode and not looking particularly impressed as she wrote: "Today I got my invisalign...I do not like the way it feels."

Keep Scrolling For It!

Kaley Cuoco in PJ shirt

Kaley, later saying she didn't want to call her teeth "iconic" – but kind of did anyway – added: "It's in. I can't see it, but I can feel it. I feel like it's making me gag. Has anyone else had this problem?" The option to reply "TOTALLY" or "NOPE" was offered, with Kaley then admitting that her eyes were red because she's been crying – the star recently lost beloved Pit Bull mix Norman. See the video and more photos below!

Scroll For The Kitchen Workout


Kaley ditched the teeth talk pretty quickly as she admitted: "I think I cry every day over him." Norman passed away in January, with Kaley marking his loss and writing:

"Earth shattering deep gut wrenching pain I didn’t know was possible. Norman, you were my entire world for 14 years. ‘Thank you for smiling at me as you left this world, confirming for me once again our language was ours alone. You will always have my heart."

The pooch lives on via Kaley's Yes, Norman Productions company. Spandex workout action below.

Never Regular On Her Instagram


Kaley is fresh from more upbeat headlines, ones seeing the blonde drip mad sweat at home and proving that fancy equipment isn't necessary. Shortly before the weekend, Kaley shouted out trainer Ryan Sorensen while kicking off on her posh rowing machine, but with home-fashioned weights and a giant kitchen bend-over following it, Kaley was proving just about anything works for resistance.

Meanwhile, billionaire heir husband Karl Cook has been broadcasting his wife's "nightmare" bed photo. Scroll for the snap Kaley lost her cool over.

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