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Simone Biles close up and smiling

Simone Biles Shirtless In NFL Helmet With Massive Thigh Gap

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is seemingly proving she can join the NFL – but shirtless. The 23-year-old athlete, nowhere near done making headlines with NFL player boyfriend Jonathan Owens, has been giving her 25-year-old hunk a run for his money, posting shortly after the Super Bowl LV and keeping the event alive from her Texas home. Simone, followed by 3.8 million on Instagram, updated in selfie mode for some cheeky selfie action, with the helmet taking center stage. Check it out below.

When You're Dating An NFL Player...


Scroll for the action. If you missed the above photo, it marked Simone and Houston Texans player Owens spending their first Christmas together, with Simone getting a fun piggy-back as the two twinned in their Xmas pajamas.

Twinning with a look her boyfriend dons to earn a living, Simone updated teasing the camera and going skimpy, highlighting the body that's won her 30 Olympic and Gold medals. Swinging a hip in tight black leggings and a sports bra, the Ohio native kept it shirtless and going blue in an open coat.

Keep Scrolling For It!

Simone Biles bikini selfie

Simone, drawing attention to her massive thigh gap and rock-hard abs, stayed super-trendy in the quilted baby blue jacket, flashing her torso and not managing to do the same with her pearly whites – what happens when a giant football helmet gets in the way.

Anyone landing on Simone's Instagram today, though, saw a different story, with a new Facebook Watch feature set to showcase the star's recent career, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being canceled due to the global pandemic.

See Her Insane Abs!


Simone, posting mind-blowing beam footage of herself defying gravity with back-flips and mid-air splits, took to her caption to announce the new project, telling fans:

"Years of dedication. Years of training. It all comes down to this. Follow my journey in the next chapter of the @VsOnWatch Series. Simone vs Herself comes to @FacebookWatch this summer! #SimoneVsHerself."

The Uber Eats face, last year admitting she "cried" upon discovering the Tokyo Olympics had been canceled, has, however, said she thought it was for the best. See the bikini below!

Olympics Canceled

Simone Biles in bikini

Simone, also facing the cancelation of USA Gymnastics, appeared on NBC's "The Today Show," saying: “I was actually in the gym training at the time, and I went to the locker in between rotation and I got a text. I didn't really know what to feel, I sat and cried but ultimately it was the right decision."

Keeping Biles company during her quarantine, and joining her for late-night hot tub sessions, is boyfriend Owens. If you missed Simone removing her chest piercing in a bikini, just scroll.

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