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Larry King Cut Out Ex-Wife Shawn from Fortune: Read the Will

By Gary Trock

Larry King made it crystal clear who he wanted to share in his vast fortune after he had passed on from this world -- and he also made it clear who he did NOT want to have any control. The Blast obtained the handwritten will of Larry King, which is now being made public after the legendary talk show host's death last month. According to the document, which Larry filed just two months after filing to divorce his 7th wife, Shawn King, Larry wanted his millions of dollars to be shared among his children.

Read The Handwritten Will

The handwritten will of Larry King was signed just before the iconic host's 87th birthday, and although it is a bit hard to read ... he makes it very simple to understand.

"This is my Last Will & Testament. It should replace all previous writings In the event of my death, any day after the above date I want 100% of my funds to be divided equally among my children Andy, Chaia, Lary Jr Chance & Cannon," the message from Larry King reads.

It was signed on October 17, 2019 ... about two months after Larry filed for divorce from Shawn.

Keeping Shawn Out

Larry King's star on Walk of Fame

Along with excluding Shawn from the fortune, Larry King Jr is also stepping in to overrule any possibility of Shawn trying to become an administrator of the estate. In documents filed by LKJ, he states that Larry and Shawn were living separately and going through a divorce at the time of his death.

"The Decedent was married to Shawn Southwick King (“Ms. King”) at the time of death. However, the Decedent and Ms. King were actively involved in ongoing dissolution proceedings in Los Angeles Superior Court. The Decedent and Ms. King were residing separately at the time of death."

LKJ is claiming that since the divorce had already started, Shawn should not have any priority to become an administrator and wants her kept out.

What Is He Worth?

Closeup of Larry King

As for how much Larry King's fortune is worth, a probate filed by Larry King Jr lists an approximate number of $2 million, but then makes it clear there is a lot of paperwork and property to go through before an accurate number is reached.

Reports put Larry King's estate at around $50 million at the time of his death, but that is just pure speculation based on his long and illustrious career.

One thing is for sure ... no matter how much the estate is worth, Larry King's children are already making sure that everything is kept in the family.

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