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Elizabeth Hurley close up in snow

Elizabeth Hurley Caught In Snowstorm With Dress Open

By Rebecca Cukier

Elizabeth Hurley is flashing fans and doing it from a fresh British blanketing. The model and "Austin Powers," seemingly done with her imaginary pandemic vacations, has wrapped up pretend traveling via her never-ending bikini thirst traps, today posting for her 1.9 million Instagram followers and from Herefordshire – where she's been all along. Liz, 55, dropped jaws on Wednesday in a slit and leggy Phillip Plein dress, and she almost brought back Christmas with her bombshell photo. Check it out below.

No More Hot Girl Summer


Scroll for the photo. If you don't live inside Liz's Instagram, the account has been doing something pretty fun. Hurley has been posting a new photo or video each day, usually in a bikini, with each one taking the star to a different destination via a little throwback action. Definitely not in throwback mode today, Liz updated in a slinky emerald-green and belted tight dress, all out in the snow amid fir trees and with the thigh slit worn dangerously open.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Liz indoors in a dress

Liz, knocking the camera dead with her gorgeous, smoldering good looks, had Instagram on its knees, but the caption stayed light as the Elizabeth Hurley Beach founder wrote: "Oooooh.... it’s heavenly to be back in Herefordshire #letitsnow."

"You've got clothes on?" one fan joked – this, likely also referring to the massive storm Liz recently caused by posing with her topless snow globes on show. The bikini bottoms and open fur coat shot became front-page news after 55-year-old TV face Piers Morgan slammed Liz.

See The Topless Snow Globes Below!

Elizabeth Hurley in dress in snow

Morgan, shading Liz publicly, stated: “What is all this? I call it thirsty and I call it creepy,” adding: "Good Morning Britan." "Put your clothes on.” Basically, don't mess with Liz Hurley. The model was quick to fire back, taking to Twitter and writing:

"Far be it for me to suggest the tabloids get their facts muddled, but these pics were in fact taken by my 80 year old mother. Not entirely sure if that puts minds at rest or not." See her topless below!

He Eats Humble Pie

Elizabeth Hurley topless in snow

Morgan, who had queried whether Liz's teenage son had taken the photos, is now eating humble pie, having seemingly been forced to apologize. Saying he was "very sorry," Piers added: "I inadvertently followed the newspaper lead that it was her son Damian, who is 18, and he’s a photographer who she has rightly said takes all her pictures. That would be really creepy, getting your son to take your topless pictures in the snow is creepy."

Scroll for Liz's massive bikini thigh gap!

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