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Aly Raisman close up and smiling

Gymnast Aly Raisman Gorgeous For Beachy Meditation

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman is closing her eyes, taking a moment, and making sure Instagram can join in. The 26-year-old 2012 "Fierce Five" and 2016 "Final Five" captain, these days more into zen Pilates than demanding flexibility, today took to Instagram Live to welcome Club Pilates and get her 2.1 million followers giving the gentle exercise a go. Aly, who recently revealed Pilates got her back to health during a time couldn't "walk," was looking gorgeous, and she'd even fashioned herself a bit of a beach. Check it out below.

Making It Calm

Aly Raisman in kitchen with milk

Scroll for the Live. It comes as Aly continues to make headlines for taking each day at its own pace, recovering from her anxiety, and braving talking about it all on social media. The brunette, who tends not to strip down much these days, was looking gorgeous while home, but she'd managed to make it beachy via an exotic island poster behind her showing leafy trees, crystal-blue oceans, and white-sand beaches. Seen in a simple earthy-toned hoodie, Aly kept it real.

Keep Scrolling For Her Bikini Shot!

Aly Raisman meditates near lavender

Aly, who even paused to wish a fan a happy birthday, discussed the benefits of Pilates, something she herself has outlined bravely while showing her flexibility this year. The split-screen, showing Aly interviewing a trainer, came with advice, and you don't need to be an Olympian to give it a go.

As to Aly's own experience with Pilates, it's proven moving for fans. "After 2016, some days I could barely walk up the stairs without my legs feeling fatigued & cramping (despite not working out). I often couldn’t stand up in the shower because my legs felt so weak," she wrote in December 2020.

Finding Her Feet

Aly Raisman smells flowers

Pilates, adored by both gymnasts and ballerinas, particularly those recovering from injuries, was the key for Raisman, who added:

"As a kid, my mom would do Pilates classes & I’d sometimes watch or even join. Recently, I tried @clubpilates with my mom in hopes of finding something that worked for me."

The Amazon face and Aerie spokesperson, also now fronting vegan Silk milk brand, regularly shares her sessions, alongside her yoga meditation and those adorable home plants. See her bikini body below!

Stuns Fans

Aly Raisman in bikini

Aly tends not to be a body flaunter, but the body-ody-ody is there, as is the muscle that saw the gymnast win herself those medals. Aly also remains popular on Instagram and followed by famed gymnasts, with her IG kept tabs on by 23-year-old gymnast Simone Biles, UCLA gymnastics face Katelyn Ohasi, plus celebrities including supermodel Gigi Hadid, Sports Illustrated bombshell Kate Upton, and country singer Jessie James Decker.

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