Kylie Jenner shows off baby bump in blue jeans

Kylie Jenner Says 'I Am Woman' In Latest IG Post

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By MLC on January 6, 2022 at 2:59 PM EST
Updated on January 6, 2022 at 2:59 PM EST

Kylie Jenner continues to confuse the masses by posting new pictures of her baby bump.

It’s been suspected the Kylie Cosmetics founder has already given birth to baby number 2, but from the looks of her recent Instagram posts, her bun is still in the oven.

Obviously, these could be throwback photos she’s posting to throw fans off.

On Thursday, January 6, Kylie posted two photos of herself in a white button down blouse, tied right underneath her bust, distressed blue jeans and her baby bump on full display.

She captioned the photo, “I am woman.”

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Kylie Flaunts Baby Bump In White T and Jeans

Kylie Jenner shows off baby bump in blue jeans

Kylie was reportedly due in the early new year.

Yes, it’s only been six days into 2022, so she very well could still be pregnant.

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Kylie Jenner in white blouse
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CapitalFM reported the cosmetics mogul was spotted deplaning a jet in California earlier this week with Kris Jenner in tow.

She was hiding herself with a blanket to evade the paparazzi.

Was she hiding the fact she no longer has a baby bump, OR was she doing this to throw us all for a loop.

Could be both, we won’t know until she announces the birth of her second born.

It is unusual and typically forbidden for a woman past the 36-week mark in pregnancy to fly commercially and privately.

So, her flying so close to her rumored due date is a bit alarming, and that is why fans are speculating she has already given birth.

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Is Kylie Posting Throwback Photos To Throw Fans Off?

Kylie announced she was pregnant with her and Travis Scott’s second child in September with a video similar to the one she published after Stormi Webster, her first child, was born.

Fans began speculating she was already pregnant in August around her birthday given her nail color didn’t match up in a photo posted on the same day an IG Story was posted showing her with different nails.

Then ensued #NailGate2021.

Kylie Jenner rang in her 24th birthday on August 10, and her fans noticed it was much more low-key than years past.

She did her typical cosmetics launch with the 24K makeup collection, but she has yet to post any photos or videos from a wild, lavish vacay.

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Kylie Jenner in a white latex outfit with her baby bump showing.

Instead, Kylie opted for brunch, a private painting class and a small dinner with her family.

The breakfast buffet was packed with her favorite treats like cinnamon rolls, avocado toast, glazed doughnuts, sugar-dusted pancakes, scrambled eggs and more.

A source close to the family told E! News, "Kylie kept her birthday celebration small and intimate with just close family and friends. She had people over to her house at various times throughout the day and everyone brought over gifts and hung out."

This low-key, carb and sugar filled celebration stuck out to fans like a sore thumb.

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NailGate2021 Started Pregnancy Speculation & Later Confirmed It

Kylie Jenner holding a martini
Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Investigative Kylie stans and Internet sleuths alike were convinced she was preggers and was posting old photos in light of the quiet b-day celebrations.

One TikTok user shared screenshots of Kylie in a green ribbed dress, but made it a point to showcase her nails, noting that in one picture she has pink nails and in another she has green-tipped nails.

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She captioned the video, “This is not a drill!”

Kylie posted the photo of herself in the green ribbed dress with pink nails and captioned it on her actual birthday captioning it, “cheers to 24.”

However, on the same day, August 10, she posted a photo to her Instagram story of her cheersing a martini with her family, and she had the green-tipped nails.

The disconnect in continuity led fans to believe she took the photo with the pink nails prior to her actual birthday.

Another eagle-eyed fan pointed out the fact that she had the same pink nails back in June, therefore concluding her birthday photo post was taken back in June.

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