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L.A. Billboard War: Do You Want To Be The Next Kylie Jenner?!

By Mike Walters

Kylie Jenner is splashed all over Los Angeles roads promoting her popular skincare line on massive billboards -- but, another major player in town is buying up the same real estate to sell something similar but different -- how to actually get famous!

On one of the most trafficked intersections in L.A. 'Kylie Skin' has propped up a monster billboard featuring their website ( If you look closely, directly across the street a new billboard was just constructed saying, "Do You Want To Be The Next Kylie?"

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Turns out, it is the work of media guru Sheeraz Hasan, and his company 'FAME By Sheeraz' which offers 10 online courses that aims to teach artists, brands, and budding influencers the art of becoming famous.

Obviously, it is an impressive PR stunt, and anyone who looks up at the Kylie billboard is going to have a hard time looking away from the other one. Plus, as you know, there are many young people in Hollywood looking for an edge in the industry. Interestingly, Sheeraz teaches "the art of poking" which applies perfectly in this case.

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Who Wants To Be The Next Kylie?!


In his teachings, the guru says that in order to break news and become a trending topic online you have to take a stance on subjects and loudly tag or provoke a trending subject or celebrity.

According to him, this is a way to show your “x-factor” or what makes you special to millions of people, for free, thus making it “earned media”. Sheeraz’s client campaigns have reportedly generated around $3 billion of earned media.

So, by printing that provocative message about Kylie Jenner across from her own famous advertisement, Sheeraz is in effect practicing what he preaches -- and we're told results speak for themselves as the billboard has reportedly already sent many inquiries his way.

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The Man Behind The Stunt...


As we reported, FAME works with several high-profile clients including Larsa Pippen, who recently propped up her own billboard in the same area to promote her jewelry line. Sheeraz has also worked with others like, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and perhaps most notably Kim Kardashian.

As for PR stunts, the guy is one of the best in the business -- his most notable include the biggest meet and great of all time where he managed to get 100,000 to show up to the Dubai Mall to see Logan Paul. He even secured $2 Millon for Jennifer Lopez to perform in the Middle East for just 20 minutes.

The bottom line, you gotta be famous before you can face a billion-dollar make-up company. Period.

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