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Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid Shows Off Sunburn And Crazy Tan Lines After Falling Asleep In the Sun

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bella Hadid just had a battle with the Sun and the Sun remains undefeated!

The 24-year-old model shared some snaps of her sunburn on February 6. Hadid playfully posed in a blue bikini as she smiled about her silly mistake of falling asleep while lounging in the sun. She frolicked in a floral kimono as she documented her rosy red face and chest. The unmistakable color difference was best seen where her suit top slid down as she rose from her sleepy state. She noted that she learned a valuable lesson the hard way in the caption of her post.

Sunny Side Up


"I just woke up Danger Do not leave sleepy girl In the sun ....," Bella wrote alongside her sun-kissed post.

Hadid still had that foggy smile that one has when waking up from a sun-drained power nap. "Somebody fell asleep in the sun," she captioned a rosy boomerang on her IG story. Her millions of fans noted that they enjoyed her smile but also expressed concern over the dangerous mistake.

"were u at least wearing sunscreen??" a curious fan asked while Hadid's friend, Normani could only say, "wow."

The After Glow

Bella Hadid's face after the sunburn.

Hours later, Bella showed off the results of her silly sleeping mistake. She zoomed in on her face to show her heavily sun-kissed face after she composed herself and thankfully the damage appeared to be kept to a minimum. Her chest seemed a little more burnt than her face, which is good considering her face is her moneymaker (she's a model). Sunburn or not, she is a natural beauty!

"Your energy is amazing, I can feel from here ❤️," one of Hadid's most devoted followers wrote.

Bella Hadid hours after her sunburn.

The model continued to show off her rosy face when she changed into much warmer clothes later on. Bella has spent the last few days in an unknown tropical location, which she has been documenting on her social media.

"sending all light frequencies to you. wrapping you in a golden blanket of love. yes, you. i love you," she captioned a pic of herself in an infinity pool near the ocean.

We recommend that she step up her SPF game for the rest of her vacation!

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