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McKayla Maroney close up

Gymnast McKayla Maroney's Unbuttoned Bendover Sparks Complaints

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is sparking complaints, bending right over in a unbuttoned top and thigh-high boots. The 25-year-old, best known for her viral "unimpressed" face at the London 2012 Olympics, now sees her TikTok followers unimpressed, with a video of the brunette beauty seeing fans slamming her - zero complaints about the assets getting a massive showoff, though. Mckayla, posting in wild child mode while shaking her hips and grinding down low, is being told not to "ruin it." See why below.

TikTok Unimpressed

McKayla Maroney in bikini

Scroll for the video. It comes as McKayla largely makes positive headlines, in particular, for shaking her chest and blowing kisses at sunset from a beachfront setting after showing off her medal-winning legs in skimpy Daisy Dukes and saying: "Never a dull moment."

The video showed Maroney indoors and going full TikTok-style for the gen z-friendly platform. The California native, giving a full 360 in tight blue jeans and a cream top with the buttons very much undone, bent right over for a flash of her bra - and more.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

McKayla Maroney in Daisy Dukes

Bopping around for TikTok tends to go smoothly for celebrities, but not this video. "Love this song," Maroney had written as she shouted out "Bad Boy" by Juice WRLD & Yount Thug. Over 5,900 comments have been left, and the leading ones aren't proving flattering.

"NO DON'T RUIN THIS SONG," one fan wrote, with another echoing their thought, writing: "Great now there [sic] gonna make a dance to it and ruin it." Then again, "Ohhh she got the moves and the medals!" sent the vault queen the thumbs-up.

See The Video!

McKayla Maroney in jeans indoors

McKayla is climbing the ranks on TikTok, although her following remains strongest via the 1.3 million following her on Instagram. "This made me happy," one fan replied, although others managed to find something to whinge about. "No posts for 10 days?? Where are ya??" one keen follower asked.

Maroney has been making headlines with her TikToks, though, just recently working out with frozen bread and peas and showing the digital space that a pandemic workout it totally possible. Click here for the TikTok – scroll for the bikini body!

Body Of A Champion

McKayla Maroney

McKayla might come with curves, but Olympic gymnasts don't get where they are without muscle.

“When I wasn’t working out eight hours a day, I gained weight, and my coaches weren’t happy about that. So I really didn’t like my body for a while after I couldn’t really work out," McKayla told Byrdie in 2019, admitting that she was guzzling 24-ounce Cokes before her "perspective changed." Now, it's vegan eats for her.

If you like your gymnasts blonde, Russian, and extra-bendy, scroll for Nastia Liukin with buttocks bare!

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