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Kim Kardashian selfie

Kim Kardashian Is Drenched In Honey & Surrounded By Fruit On Instagram!!!!

Instagram @Kim Kardashian
By Jacob Highley

Kim Kardashian is known for many things today. Her reputation as a model is virtually one of the most well-known aspects of her public image, and her family is among the world’s most prominent public figures on social media.

At 40-years-old the mother of four has astounded critics and fans alike with her beautiful, youthful appearance, comparing well even to others who are decades younger! Her loveliness is only rivaled by her superb business practices which have elevated her brand success into the stratosphere.

Sweet As Honey

Kim Kardashian with honey being put on face
Instagram @Kim Kardashian

Her latest look as part of her “Matte Honey” beauty brand line is irrefutably sexy and attractive. Although the makeup is the actual product being showcased, when has Kim ever passed up the chance to put on a two-piece outfit and show some skin?

Well… she did one better and decided to have honey drizzled on her face, which then began to drench her body in the sweet delight. Many fans shared how they found the ensemble utterly captivating. Plus, this is actually the second part to her dual product launch with her other beauty line “Matte Mauve."

'So Good'

Kim Kardashian on table with fruit
Instagram @Kim Kardashian

Here are some of the numerous comments left on Kim’s post which continues to go viral today:

“This couple palette is so good Kim 👏👏👏” (Commentator) “Of course honey dribbles down your face perfectly 💫 love it” (Commentator) “Beautiful 😍” (Commentator) “Why are you so beautiful 😭😭😭” (Commentator) “Most beautiful mom ever😍❤️” (Commentator) “mmmmm dreamy mattes” (Commentator) “sweet like honey 🍯” (Commentator) “This palette is beautiful!” (Commentator) “all over this collection!” (Commentator) 

Kim has also been featured for her other look which showed her with a large ornate flowery headdress and a threaded outfit that was semi-see-through. 

Really Open

Kim Kardashian wering orange
Instagram @Kim Kardashian

One of the main reasons that fans are so distraught over the announcement that “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” would be coming to an end, was because of how open that the family has been on air. So open in fact, that in 2017 Kim told the press that there were times she was shocked by herself in sharing things that were so personal.

She expounded by detailing how there were some moments that deserved some attention, but others like going on dates or family interactions were really embarrassing at times. 


Kim Kardashian getting ready for shoot
Instagram @Kim Kardashian

“You really do learn about boundaries over time. I look back at some of the episodes in the earlier seasons and think, “I can’t believe I shared that”—dates with random people when we were single, things like that. But I also think that going through the motions of something like the aftermath of the robbery, or situations that most people might not understand, there are some people who might really have gone through that. I think about them. I feel like I came out of that a better person. Our approach to the show is to film everything and then scale back later. That said, we all have boundaries: I don’t really talk about things that are going on with my husband. If I do, it’s from my point of view. It’s my story." (Kim)

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