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Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Flaunts Fantastic Abs In Kitchen Dance With Furry Friend

By Jeff Mazzeo

Kate Beckinsale is obsessed with her cats but we are obsessed with her flawless physique and casual style!

The 47-year-old actress showed us her awkward moves on February 5. Kate danced in her kitchen in a white Nike sports bra and a pair of gray sweatpants as she tried to get her fluffy cat, Willow excited about his purrrfectly pink coat. Her feline friend wasn't picking up any of Kate's energy and appeared unimpressed the entire time!

Scroll down to see her awkward cat dance!

Kate's Hype Dance

Kate Beckinsale and her cat, Willow.

The "Underworld" star couldn't get any emotion out of Willow but she managed to put a smile on the face of her adoring fans.

"Trying to hype Willow up about her winter woolly has been low yield so far," Kate captioned her silly kitchen dance.

Beckinsale used the track, "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel to get the kitty hyped... a very odd choice in our opinion. We will say Willow's pink coat is weather appropriate, Kate's is too as long as it stays above 70 degrees outside.

Cat Lady

Kate Beckinsale with her cat in a baby harness.

The beautiful actress definitely seems like a crazy cat lady and her millions of fans eat it up. One fan noted that Kate was unable to motivate her kitty because they have seen it all before.

"Willow has seen your 'I just went to the toilet by myself' dance too many times that's all," one funny follower commented.

Kate quickly responded, "and the Mariah Carey vocal warmup that goes with it."

Another complimentary fan revealed that the cat dance cheered up her crying son. "My 6-year-old was just crying about fighting with his brother and this popped up on my phone and now he’s happy because the funny dancing lady and her ‘pink floofy’ cat cheered him up! ❤️"

Her dances are cheering up the world, one awkward move at a time! P.S. she also has a pink coat for her cute pooch!

Sausage Party!

Kate Beckinsale with a sausage stuck down her pants.

Kate's social media antics have helped cheer up her fans around the globe during these crazy times. However, her sense of humor can get a little unzipped every once in a while. Last week, she stuffed a sausage down her pants for a picture, proving that she has a dirty mind and greasy trousers.

"Meet aged 11, never recover," she joked in the caption of her sausage party video.

Perhaps it's her immature sense of humor that keeps her so young? Keep up the funny posts, Kate! We could all use more laughs!

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