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Khloe Kardashian Facing Backlash For Using Black Skin Tone Emoji

By Ryan Naumann

Khloe Kardashian is being torn to shreds after she decided to use an emoji with black skin.

Earlier this week, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star tweeted a message with a bunch of face palm emojis. For some reason, Khloe thought it was appropriate for her to use the darker skin toned emoji. Many others found issues with her using the emoji.

Khloe, who has been accused of cultural appropriation for years, doesn't seem to get it or care about the heat she continues to catch.


One follower put it bluntly, "unless ur dad is actually OJ u have no reasons to use this emoji." The tweet is referring to the never-ending rumor that O.J. Simpson is actually Khloe's father and not Robert Kardashian.

"But on a deeper note these women thrive off of black outrage. They know that that is the only way they will remain relevant and they do it every couple months smh." pointed out one person.

Another person wrote, "Ma’am I don’t know how to tell you this but umm.... you’re white"

Khloe's New Face


Back in November, Khloe also caused a stir after she debuted a face that looked brand new. She posted a video of herself giving an acceptance speech after winning a People's Choice Award. For some reason, the reality star thought people would want to hear her speech.

She started off by talking to fans, 'This is really awkward but I am honestly and truthfully, no bullshit, can not believe that you guys did this. you guys picked me to win a People's Choice Award. I literally have no words. I feel so honored. I am so grateful. Sometimes I'm like, "wait, what? why?" ... it's so baffling to me."


Many people couldn't focus on what Khloe was saying due to her new appearance. One person remarked about her face writing, "She’s starting to look like Michael Jackson." Another commented, "Yeah you’re right it is so cringe. Also, calm down on whatever you’re doing to your face."

One joked, "Why this woman tweeting from Khloe’s account? And why is this cringy to be watch?"

Khloe has constantly tried to squash plastic surgery rumors but people aren't buying what she's selling.

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