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Yaya during her baby shower in November 2020.

Yaya Mayweather Reveals What Watch She Plans To Buy Her Newborn Son

Yaya Mayweather- Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Yaya Mayweather took to her Instagram feed earlier this month to reveal that she finally gave birth to her baby boy. 

The father is NBA Youngboy, one of the hottest rappers out and who is currently not even dating Mayweather anymore. Mayweather put up the announcement by showing the child's foot in her Instagram stories. 

As of now, there is still not a clear view of the boy's face but that may be due to her still wanting to maintain that privacy for now.

Yaya Plans To Buy Her Son A Rolex Already

Yaya announcing her son's arrival.
Yaya Mayweather- Instagram

Despite the baby being a little over a month old, Yaya still plans to have him iced out. She took to her Instagram stories this weekend to say that she will be buying a Rolex watch for him. 

The luxurious piece of jewelry is already coming as Yaya said "My baby already got his first Rolex on the way." Definitely expect her to show off the watch  online as soon as it arrives, though. Rolex makes plenty of watches able to fit babies. 

Yaya Is Also Planning To Move Back Into Floyd Mayweather's Home With The Baby

Yaya ring side at a boxing match.
Yaya Mayweather- Instagram

Last week, Yaya also revealed that she is planning to move back into her father's home, the legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Yaya has posted Floyd holding her son several times as well. 

In a recent Instagram story, Floyd was holding the child at his beautiful home as Yaya's caption read "We thinking about moving to Papa's house." This would be a good move for herself as Floyd has millions and she would continue to be financially secure. Floyd also appears to love being around his grandchild. 

Yaya Had A Very Up And Down Relationship With NBA Youngboy In 2020

Yaya leaving one of her luxury cars.
Yaya Mayweather- Instagram

Yaya and NBA Youngboy's relationship was very public for most of 2020. It was rocky and even reached a crazy point in the spring where Yaya fought one of his baby mama's at his Houston home

Yaya ended up stabbing the woman and is also facing  up to 99 years in prison in this case. She was originally charged with aggravated assault. She will be turning 21-years-old in May. The victim in this case is Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, who's hand was reportedly paralyzed from the stabbing. 

Youngboy Has Been Seen Moving On With Jazlyn Mychelle

Youngboy in the visuals for the 'Make No Sense' video.
NBA Youngboy- 'Make No Sense' music video

Earlier this month, it was evident that Youngboy is on to another relationship, even with Yaya recently giving birth to his reported seventh child, all by the age of 21. Jazlyn Mychelle took to her Instagram feed to show her and Youngboy on a snow trip. 

There, Youngboy was seen pulling her on a sled while flashing a huge smile. It'll be interesting to see if Mychelle will be the one to give birth to his eighth child as well. 

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