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'Southern Charm' Star Madison LeCroy's Family Denies A-Rod Affair Rumors

By Ryan Naumann

"Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy's sister is shutting down rumors the reality star had an affair with ex-MLB star Alex Rodriguez.

The drama started during part one of the reunion. During questions from Andy Cohen, Madison's costar Craig Conover started spilling all of her tea on the stage. He has issues with Madison due to her breaking up with his friend Austen.

Craig yelled at Madison, "You were flying around the country sleeping with men, married men. Ex-MLB players. That’s what you were doing during quarantine.”


He continued, "You know why [your ex] Austen [Kroll] was at my house? ‘Cause you weren’t talking to him! You flew to Miami to f—k an ex-MLB player.”

Austen chimed in saying Craig was telling the truth about Madison. He said the accusations were "the goddamn truth." She denied the accusations to Andy and said she didn't fly to Miami to be with a married man.

She said, "Give me a name! Put me on a lie detector test. I never flew to Miami. Where’s the record of that? That’s fake.”


Many fans were losing their mind trying to figure out exactly who the alleged ex-MLB player was that Madison might have been talking to after splitting with Austen. A bunch of Bravo diehard fans thought they figured out the question when they noticed A-Rod had liked a couple of photos on Madison's Instagram. There also seemed to certain dates that they were both in New York at the same time.

Madison's sister quickly shut down the speculation pointing on Instagram that A-Rod isn't even married to Jennifer Lopez. That little piece of information might be the nail in the coffin to the rumor. We have yet to hear more from Madison.

Fans Still Hate Kathryn Dennis


In other "Southern Charm" news, Kathryn Dennis had quit the disastrous performance during part one of the reunion show.

During the episode, Kathryn was accused of starting nasty rumors about her former costar Cameran Eubanks. She tried to defend herself saying the rumors were already out there and she was just repeating them. Many fans thought this to be distasteful and very on brand for Kathryn.

She was also pressed about her racist incident where she sent a monkey emoji to a black activist. Her attempts at excusing her behavior came off as desperate. Fans have been calling for Bravo to finally fire her and recast the spot.

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