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Demi Rose Rose close up and against skies

Demi Rose Highlights Her Pretty Little Thing With Rear View

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose is showing off her Pretty Little Thing and charging for the privilege of doing it. The 25-year-old model, gaining another 100,000 Instagram followers since the weekend kicked off, just dropped her latest update, and it was apple bottom treats all-around from the bikini bombshell. Demi, unveiled as clothing brand Pretty Little Thing's newest brand ambassador in October 2020, even has her own edit with the label, although today kept it to traditional influencing as Demi showcased her peach with a very rear view. Check it out below.

Ditching The Bikini

Demi Rose walking in bikini

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Demi makes headlines for sharing her inner thoughts during a nudie bath soak. The British sensation, today still near the water with an oceanside shot, showed off her jaw-dropping curves with a perfect angle to highlight them, seen looking back at it while in a skin-tight, ribbed, and braless white dress.

Demi, tagging herself at her favorite "Ibiza Magic Island" and with the camera taking in lapping waves and natural rocks, kept herself all natural, with little in the way of editing and a gorgeous direct gaze.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Demi Rose bends over on the beach

Demi had the wind blowing in her hair and the body-ody-ody was blowing Instagram's mind. "Exploring the outer world & embracing my inner world 🧚🏼," a caption read, with Demi, of course, tagging Pretty Little Thing.

"Whoa, that big strong body" currently tops comments with over 400 likes. As to the overall count, 100,000 poured in before the photo was an hour old. That's basically the standard from the model who hit 10 million followers in 2019, then making October 2020 headlines for celebrating 15 million. Now? it's 15.8 million.

Walking Life 'Alone'

Demi Rose in a dress by the ocean

Demi has been making headlines for talking about what's on the inside. The model, who briefly dated rapper Tyga in 2016, remains single following her 2019 split from DJ Chris Martinez. Speaking to her followers recently, Rose stated:

"I don't worry, no. My thought is you are either experiencing life alone or you're experiencing life with a partner," she recently said. "How do you choose to live it? Sure being with someone is nice but how amazing is it to walk it alone."

See more photos below!

Heart Of Gold

Demi Rose in bikini

Demi, who continues to grieve the loss of both parents 8 months apart, is also an eating disorder survivor, having weighed just 80 pounds at her worst. In September 2020, the butter-soft heart manifested as Demi spoke to ES, saying: "Behind closed doors there’s been a lot of torment and I suppose I have turned that into a positive as I feel I have been through so much nothing can push me down again."

Scroll for Demi proving that see-through dresses don't need bras.

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