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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The Rock Shares Photo Of Daughter Peeing All Over His New White Sneakers

By Jeff Mazzeo

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not afraid to get his hands dirty... or his new white sneakers!

The muscular movie star shared a photo of himself helping his 2-year-old daughter, Tiana Gia, relieve herself on the side of the road on January 28. The proud papa couldn't help but crack a smile as he cradled his little girl while she went number 1. Despite being ridiculously famous, he's not above the messier side of parenting!

Scroll down to see the pic!

When Nature Calls

The Rock holding his daughter, Tiana Gia.

Johnson detailed the hilarious situation that led to his sneakers getting moist... and we are not talking about sweaty feet!

"Round 2 with the appropriate emoji 💜👍🏾 thanks for the reminders! 🙏🏾🤣🤦🏽‍♂️" Dwayne began his caption.

"When they gotta go they gotta go 🧚🏽‍♀️🚨," he continued. "Baby Tia said she had to pee pee, so we said no problem honey you have a diaper on. Pee and I’ll change it after."

Tiana wasn't feeling daddy's suggestion. "She refused to go in her diaper (I don’t blame her:) and asked if she could pee on the grass."

We’re on private property, so daddy takes her to pee pee on the grass," Johnson said. "But then she decides to renegotiate (again, I don’t blame her;) and demands daddy pick her up because doesn’t want to 'stand on the Lava Monster' so I have to hold her while she pees... all over my new white sneakers 😂💦."

The star ended his story with a threat and a statement that showed his passion for the funny memory.

"And if I ever find this 'Lava Monster' fella I’m whipping it’s ass 🌋👹🤛🏾," The Rock said, "hell, I’ll take this precious memory over my sneakers any day."

Some of his famous parent friends weighed in on the relatable situation. "This is what fatherhood really looks like - ha!" Jim Belushi commented, while Snooki wrote, ""LOL #parentlife."

Daddy Daycare

The Rock brushing his daughter's hair.

Dwayne has been enjoying the time he is spending with his kids and family but he is no stranger to taking charge of a dire situation (like the peeing one). Last week, he shared an adorable post that showed just how hands-on he is with Tiana. The big man sat down at the kid's table and brushed the little one's hair.

"Now despite my two year old looking completely TERRIFIED for her life that daddy is solely responsible for getting all the painful tangles out of her hair," he wrote alongside the adorable pictures.

"I may be bald but I know a thing or two about hair. Mainly because I wish I had it 😂," Johnson joked.

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