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Demi Moore's Drastic New Look, Plastic Surgeons React

By Ryan Naumann

Demi Moore shocked fans after she appeared on the runway in Paris with a much different look and many questioned if she went under the knife.

Earlier this week, the “Ghost” actress modeled in Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2021 show at Haute Couture Fashion Week. Her face looked different with accentuated cheekbones and fuller lips. Many debated whether it was the work of a plastic surgeon or a makeup artist.

One fan said, "I love Demi Moore but what in the world happened to her face. Don't tell me it's just contouring coz it's not."



The Blast spoke to famed plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Agullo aka Dr. Worldwide and Pam Agullo, MD. They both offered their opinion on Demi's look. Neither has worked with the actress personally.

Dr. Worldwide tells The Blast, "Demi’s injector has certainly gone overboard with fillers in the cheeks, lips, and mandible; to the point of looking unnatural. It seems she has had a facelift, but the fillers get all the attention. On a positive note, her face and neck skin are much smoother which is probably a combination of Micro-Botox and radiofrequency."



Pam Agullo, MD told us, "To be honest, I am left speechless with Demi Moore’s transformation. She had always managed to achieve an ageless gorgeousness, but this time I believe she has gone way over the top."

She believes, "Her features look completely exaggerated and out of proportion, most probably achieved with fillers to the cheekbones and a buccal fat pad removal to give her that chiseled look."

"also, WHAT HAPPENED WITH DEMI MOORE'S FACE ASDFGHJKL," remarked one confused fan on Twitter.



The Blast also spoke to Celebrity Injector Heather Rohrer who has never worked on Demi but provided her expert opinion. She said, "Everyone is talking Demi Moore’s face after appearing on Fendi runway. My first thought was. Omg is this real? Is she making a funny expression or awful makeup contouring? Her cheeks appear to be over-filled causing the filler to migrate down to the corner of her mouth."

Heather added, "She appears to have no fat on the lower face. Almost like she has had her buccal fat removed. Her lower lip filler has definitely migrated exposing an undefined vermillion border. Her smile lines are also non-existent Due to excess injectable fillers."

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