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Demi Rose close up and smiling

Demi Rose Spreads Positivity With Topless Bath Soak

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose is totally naked in the bath to make sure you're glass half full. The 25-year-old model and social media sensation, hugely into mindfulness and self-acceptance, today opted out of provocation for her 15.7 million Instagram followers, instead flaunting her stunning curves from her Wednesday bath soak and reminding fans that there's a huge difference between thinking negative versus positive. Demi, who lost both parents eight months apart, knows the struggle, and she's making it easier. Check it out below.

No Negative Talk

Demi Rose in bikini

Scroll for the bath action. Demi, whose early life came with her being bullied at school, is also an eating disorder survivor, having weighed just 80 pounds as her worst. Seen in the bath from her Ibiza, Spain home, Demi kept the DDs out of it, but she exuded all that beauty with a beautifully made-up face while speaking into the camera.

"My favorite place to do this kinds of chats," the Pretty Little Thing ambassador began, admitting that she was in the bath, "again."

Keep Scrolling For The Bath!


Demi, smiling, added; "I wanted to talk about the benefits of positive words versus negative and the facts behind it." Demi then promised "examples of when negative words are used," with the model putting her money where her mouth is. Rose then shared a laptop screen showing words including "I'll never be rich" versus "This place is a gold mine," also showing words such as "sick" and "healthy."

Back in the bath, Demi continued to say there's even been research showing that fruit rots faster if you speak unkindly to it.

See Her Fully Topless Below!

Demi Rose in the bath

Demi, who doesn't come with a mean bone in her body, said that she "just wanted to share this" and that "if you just change your words," you can change your reality. "The universe is responding to you."

It ain't just bikinis and latex pants for this girl. Rose, who last year made headlines for filming herself crying on Instagram, has opened up. "I’ve been through a lot of trauma but in some ways through it I have become so much stronger, which is probably reflected on my social media and in the confident messages I post," she told ES.

See the topless shot below!

Owning Her Life

Demi Rose topless with towels

Demi, who admitted a miserable London lock-down as she spoke to ES in September 2020, also revealed her mindset behind deciding to leave the U.K. Demi quit Britain in July of last year, telling the British publication:

"I felt very sad but when lockdown was lifted and I made a decision to move to Ibiza it was one of the best choices I ever made."

That move brought Demi's dangerously-nude hot tub session. Scroll for Demi proving see-through dresses don't need bras.

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