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'RHOC' Star Kelly Dodd Trashed By Fans After Her Friend's Alleged Racism

By Ryan Naumann

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Kelly Dodd is feeling the wrath of fans after she defended her friend who appeared to throw up a white power symbol at Emily Simpson's birthday party.

The messy reality star continues her effort to become the most hated "Real Housewives" star in the history of Bravo. It all started when she attended Emily's birthday party last week. She posted a ton of videos from the party which included a full group of friends.


Many thought the party would cause controversy because there were a bunch of people having dinner inside without a mask in sight. It turns out that was the least of their worries.

In one of the videos that Kelly posted on her Instagram story, a blonde friend is seen throwing up a hand symbol repeatedly which appears to be a white power hand sign. Fans quickly noticed the friend making the sign and rightfully lost their mind. Many were furious that Kelly, who is known for being against masks and was criticized for downplaying the pandemic, would post the video or even be around someone who would do that.

The Hand Gesture


Kelly, who waited a while before addressing the video, commented, "Here’s some dumbass who took Emily’s friend saying “perfect” (after talking about how perfect the night was) and is now twisting it into a case of white supremacy. Of course, it’s a white girl making such an idiotic leap. @BravoWWHL this is who you have on? This chick is a moron."

She added, "I went to Emily’s Bday party & am shocked by a claim one of her friends is a white supremacist. I’m part Mexican, Native American, Black & Asian & her other friend is African American and yes we all had a great time. I condemn all forms of racism!#ridiculous #graspingforstraws."


Fans have had it with Kelly. One replied, "...seriously part of me is glad you’re so unfiltered because it lets the rest of know exactly the nonsensical logic you use to explain this shit away. I hope that you can read some books on anti-racism because this tweet tells me you don’t get it at all. & saying you’re black."

Another remarked, "1. She was throwing up the white power sign in photos. 2. Stop saying your black because your 23 and me said your 3% African. Just stop."

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