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Kate Beckinsale close up and in bed

Kate Beckinsale Lifts Shirt With Sausage Penis Strap-On

By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale is literally wearing a sausage penis, and this isn't safe for kids. The 47-year-old actress, last year telling talk show queen Kelly Ripa that her faucets are "phallic," yesterday kept up the word with a little strap-on action, posting for her 4.5 million Instagram followers and going very NSFW. Kate was with a female friend, both had sausages strapped to their pants, and fans got the "Underworld" actress in a little shirt lift to round it all off. Check it out below.

Never Dull On Her Instagram


Scroll for the sausage action. Kate, recently in the news for seeing one of her cats lick up a chocolate dildo, is seemingly nowhere-near done having fun with the male member, with her video coming as a giant joke and, possibly, a suggestion for how to pass the time in lock-down.

The video showed Kate and her friend both twinning in dark pants and with cooked sausages tied to their pants for a very adult finish as they toyed with a phone.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Kate Beckinsale skimpy selfie

No, they couldn't stop laughing. Kate, who also wore a slightly cropped white tee and fluffy outer jacket, cracked up as snaps of the outfits were taken, asking her friend if she's "got any pants on." The "Pearl Harbor" star then reached right up, lifting her shirt in the process.

600,000+ views overnight ain't bad when you're not a Kardashian. Kate took to her caption, writing: "Meet aged 11, never recover" – and fans have thoughts. See the video and the reactions below!

Instagram Reacts


Kate, who was mega-slammed by her own followers last year for dating 23-year-old musician Goody Grace, has brought in plenty of comments, but not so many trolling the star. The British beauty was told: "Brilliant!!!!! I’m passing myself laughing and it’s only 8am!!! 👏👌😂" as the most-liked comment, with another fan writing:

"Have been feeling a little down and this is just what I needed... couldn't help but giggle."

"The real question is did you eat it or put it back into the fridge" was another amusing reply. See more photos below!

British Terminology

Kate Beckinsale

Kate, who lives in L.A. but stays true to her British heritage and gets her U.K. candy delivered, did bring in some comments over the term "pants." For Brits, pants are underpants, with the word "trousers" generally used for the U.S. pants.

"When I say pants and someone questions me with trousers, I remember that some people call them knickers 😂😂," one fan replied.

Kate is also fresh from walking cats Clive and Willow poolside, on leashes, and in the skimpiest bikini around. Scroll for that one.

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