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Chanel West Coast close up

Chanel West Coast Defies Gravity With Spandex Butt Lift

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast is proving that gravity doesn't apply to her. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star was feet in stirrups, butt in the air on Monday, kicking the week off to a very powerful start with some workout action from her pink-painted gym. Chanel, followed by 3.5 million on her Instagram, posted mid-workout and seemingly focusing on the glutes – nothing new for the star who recently checked out the junk in the trunk while in a bikini. Check it out below.

Upping Her Game

Chanel West Coast outdoors in corset

Scroll for the action. Chanel, who last year kicked off a YouTube fitness series, was back in the girly workout space she's kitted her L.A. home out with. The "No Plans" rapper, lying on her back but without touching the floor, had her upper body resting on a gym mat, with both feet up in the air and in stirrups connected to a wall.

Chanel, who pushed her backside right up, wore tight spandex bike shorts in black, plus a tiny matching sports bra as she reposted from her trainer, who wrote she was "killing" it.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Chanel West Coast in swimsuit on a yacht

Chanel is no newb to fitness, having even admitted that the only reason she works out is so she can pig out at In-N-Out.

"I try to eat healthy but since I work out I still enjoy a large pizza by myself! But In & Out burgers and all those things, you can have those as long as you workout,” she told Hollywood Life in 2019, adding:

By the looks of this session, Chanel is well within her limits to treat herself.

See The Bikini Body Below!

Chanel West Coast working out

Chanel, who recently kicked off Season 21 of "Ridiculousness" in thigh-highs, also weighed in on what women should do.

“I wouldn’t say any workout is bad or I hate it but for women focus on your cardio, because if you do too much weights and you are a woman then you are going to bulk up a little bit you know,” the rapper added.

Seemingly, the body-ody is no problem for West Coast, who actually twerked to the #1 rap track earlier this month during a workout. Scroll for the bikini action.

'America's Sweetheart'

Chanel West Coast in a bikini poolside

Headlines shot up for Chanel at the end of 2020, with October bringing the release of her debut and 19-track "America's Sweetheart." The independently-released record, now in promo for its "40 Yard Dash" track, does see West Coast address her rear. "Baby turn around let me see it from the back" are the lyrics as Chanel dances in tiny football shorts and a helmet, with the video now racking up views.

If you missed Chanel spreading her legs in church and in sheer undies, scroll for the photo she actually had to censor.

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