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Aly Raisman in sports bra

Gymnast Aly Raisman Flawless Without Makeup For Wellness Check In

By Whitney Vasquez

Gymnast Aly Raisman knows the importance of mental health and wellness, so she's kicking off the week by checking in on her fans. The 26-year-old Olympian got real with her followers when she opened up about her own struggle and dropped some tips on how she keeps her spirits up on her off days. Turning the camera on herself, the former "Fierce Five" captain dropped a crucial message, making sure anyone else who's out there struggling knows they aren't alone.

All Natural, Baby

Rocking an unbuttoned sherpa coat, the decorated Olympian sported her brown hair back in a high ponytail and out of her face. Appearing on-camera completely makeup-free, the star let her natural beauty shine through. Aly Raisman proved she can still turn heads despite sporting the same black eye for nearly two weeks.

Over the weekend, the gymnast removed her makeup and laughed at herself over her injury. Showing off her bruise for the first time, Aly Raisman revealed she'd been covering it with makeup. Scroll to see her look!

Her Black Eye

Aly Raisman's bruised eye

Not shying away from the camera on Monday, January 25, Aly Raisman exposed her shinner while opening up about her current wellness state. "This is my wellness check-in for Club Pilates," the gymnast began her video. "I have really struggled with not having a lot of energy and having extreme fatigue," she told her followers.

Listing "muscle crapping" and "headaches" to other struggles she's faced, Aly Raisman shared one of the most important things she's learned over the years is to not be too hard on herself. Keep scrolling to find her secret revealed!

Her Secret To Wellness

Aly Raisman revealing her secret

The gold-medal-winning gymnast said she's learned "to meet myself where I'm at each day and recognizing that I'm not going to feel at my best every single day." Like everyone, she's going "to have good days and bad days" and she must remember to "be kind to myself and not be too hard on myself."

The Olympian also revealed how disappointed she'd get if she had an off day in gymnasts. Saying she'd "get so frustrated and feel really just disappointed," Aly Raisman said she's retrained her brain to be kinder to herself. She's also been practicing meditation to help with her wellness.

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