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Kim Kardashian Gets DIRTY Showing Off Her Delicious Cake!

By Mike Walters

Kim Kardashian is getting down and dirty on Instagram, and it involves the smashing of cakes!

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star just lit up social media sharing a heart-stopping photo on IG of herself smashing a giant cake while dressed in a mini-skirt. Ya, it's the hottest thing you've ever seen!

It's unclear what the reason for the photoshoot was, but one thing is certain, Kim doesn't want her life to end up any messier! The reality star is covered in the frosting which is all over her bangin' body and in her hair!

You Gotta See This!

Digging Right In!


"Don’t be messy," Kim captioned the stunning picture!

In the sexy snap, Kardashian is decked out in a skintight silver mini-dress and has just smashed her body into the giant cake. The delicious dessert and its frosting is dripping off of her body including her flawless legs and all over her hair. It's insane. In the photo, you can see the cake which was just smashed, and KK is throwing up peace signs with hands covered in the mess!

"Kimberly, what’s going on here? Is that cake?" a fan wrote. It's a good point...Kim didn't share any other info on the picture, but we are here for it!

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'Don't Be Messy!'


"I swear Kim can do anything and still look cute🙌," a fan wrote. The post is so hot, it even gathered a 'like' from Tamar Braxton, who couldn't help but respond to the sexy snap!

"I’m such a foodie. I wonder what flavor is the cake? lol," another joked.

Others believe Kim is responding to reports she is about to file for divorce from husband Kanye West. According to reports, the rapper has touched down in Los Angeles after living separately from Kardashian in Wyoming. It's unclear if Kanye has arrived in preparation for the divorce, or he is hoping to salvage his marriage.

Kim Bringing The Heat!

Kim Kardashian Continues Melting Down Instagram!


As we reported, Kim has been lighting up the internet with a steady stream of smoking hot photos -- including these insane bikini shots from the family's winter vacation.

Several weeks back, Kardashian denied reports she had hired a top gun divorce attorney to pull the trigger ending her marriage. But, we're told the marriage is on life-support and the couple is considering filing for divorce. The couple has entered intense marriage counseling, and have agreed to co-parent their children.

Both are hoping the situation doesn't become...well...a mess!

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