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'The Hills' Star Heidi Montag Launches 'Intimate' OnlyFans Account!

By Mike Walters

Heidi Montag is the latest celebrity to launch a new OnlyFans account, and the reality star is promising to share hot 'intimate' content on the site!

'The Hills' star made the announcement on Instagram claiming she is uploading her very first video to the site which includes lingerie shopping for Valentine's Day. As you know, OnlyFans has allowed celebrities and others to charged their fans for access to more adult photos and videos of themselves!

Based on the sexy video shared by Heidi and her husband Spencer Pratt on social media in the past few weeks, it appears people who join are in for a TREAT!

Check This Out!

Heidi Montag Sharing Video Of Lingerie Shopping For Valentine's Day!


"So excited, I've been working on my first video for my OnlyFans, so come unlock it -- you saw a bit of it the other day -- but, I go lingerie shopping for Valentine's Day and I have two of my songs featured," Heidi said.

Of course, she didn't reveal whether or not she will allow fans to view her trying on the lingerie -- or if it will include photos of the sexiest looks -- but we are guessing there will be some bang for your buck!

The reality star teased the possibility of joining the website in October, tweeting, "Should I start and only fans?" You can imagine the immediate response.

See Heidi's Hot Shots!

Heidi Montag Promises 'Intimate' Footage For OnlyFans!


"Yes, Heidi. Please, we need this," a fan responded to Heidi's question about the website.

But, not everyone was on board for sharing intimate shots. "Depends on what you wanna sell on there," one fan wrote. Adding, "Don’t do anything you don’t want your son to see when he grows up because the internet is forever."

Well, it may be a bit late for that...As we reported, Heidi's co-star and husband shared an INSANE video of himself oiling up her behind while vacationing at the beach!

You Gotta See This!

'The Hills' Star Melts Down Internet With Booty Oiling Video!

'The Hills' star posted the mind-blowing video on TikTok, which shows him applying a generous amount of suntan oil to his wife's booty -- and of course, rubbing it in!

The video lit up social media gathering over a million views in the first 24 hours. If you do the math, many of the OnlyFans pages charge anywhere from $10-100 a month for a subscription, so Heidi is about to be rolling in the dough!

The reality star has also just announced a deal with 'Juicy Couture' as an underwear model.

To Check Out Heidi Montag's New OnlyFans...Click HERE!

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