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Kodak Blacks's Team SLAMS Media For Calling Out Rapper Over $1 Million Charity Pledge

By Mike Walters

Kodak Black's legal team is blasting the media after a story was publishing calling out the rapper for promising to donate $1 Million if he was pardoned by Donald Trump.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, promised to spend one million on charity in the first year of being released if the rapper was able to receive a pardon from the President.

After the tweet was deleted, several entertainment news sites picked up on the message, questioning the motives of the message, and asking why it was now erased from his accounts.

See Kodak's team's blistering response...

Kodak's Lawyer Blasts Media Over Charity Pledge Story


"I didn't think I had to address this because it's a nonstory. But due to a slow news day (TMZ) wishes to address a tweet that was sent out from @kodakblack Twitter 2 months ago and deleted within a day or 2 of posting at my direction. A statement promising something for something in exchange is not appropriate and although Kodak has always given charity his whole career and will continue to do charity, not in exchange for anything, some think this is a story. It isn't. Instead of harping on a young black man and how much charity, he does, why don't we take a look at the amount of charity the writers of these articles do," Kodak's lawyer Bradford Cohen tweeted.

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Kodak Continues To Donate To Charity After Being Released

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He continued, "Last week Kodak pledged 100k to setting up a scholarship fund in the name of Meadow Pollack, the week before he donated 50k to barstool fund to help small businesses. That's 150k and he's been out 5 days."

But, he wasn't done yet. The lawyer questioned writers of the controversial articles and called them out for their work to help the community.

"Can someone Identify what these sites that profit off the black community give back to the communities? Where are the food drops and sponsorships? What about covid relief?" he wrote.

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See Kodak's Deleted Tweet...

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Kodak Black tweeted on November 27, "If The President Them Free Me, I'm Gonna Spend 1 million on Charity within The First Year I'm Out. That's on Everything."

As we reported, the rapper received a pardon from Donald Trump on the last day of his Presidency. Kodak was among a long list of recipients which included Lil' Wayne.

Fans agreed with his lawyer, with one saying, "No need to explain I know, Kodak has donated more than the ones that have been bashing him. Kodak is making a real difference, his actions as a young man are far more mature than many as far as donating and helping others."

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