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Selma Blair taking a selfie

Selma Blair Gushes Over Fitting Into 30-Year-Old Riding Shirt!

Selma Blair / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Selma Blair is proving the old adage true and getting back on her horse after a few years of not being able to ride, and perhaps more exciting than that, the "Cruel Intentions" actress is still able to fit into her riding outfit from when she was a teenager. 48-year-old Blair took to Instagram this week with some fantastic news, she was able to ride her beloved horse again. The actress explained that many of the symptoms she experienced while battling multiple sclerosis had left her unsaddled, until now.

A Love of Riding

Selma Blair posing with her horse and winking
Selma Blair / Instagram

"I’ve always wanted to be a great rider. Begging my mom for lessons as a kid, but I showed no promise and she was a working mom, Selma Blair began her message to fans while showing herself proudly standing next to her steed.

She continued, "A few lessons and memorable summers at riding camp. When I was old enough to drive myself, I did. I rode and soon enough was a grown amateur without a horse and a track record of falls and forgetting courses and developing mimicking strategies. When I bought Nibbles three years ago, it was my biggest investment in myself."

Back In the Saddle Again

Selma Blair smiling with her horse
Selma Blair / Instagram

Selma Blair explained that her riding ended when it became too physically difficult:

"A sober self with increasingly unremitting exhaustion. I couldn’t feel my bum or left leg on my horse. The proprioception issues, inability to sit still, spasms, twitches. Jerks. Dystonia increased. I just laughed and thought getting older is impossible! But it was ms and it got too big and I had to take a break until now. I am at the beginning. Still. And I cannot stop smiling. I cannot."

Same Shirt!

Old photo of Selma Blair as a teenager
Selma Blair / Instagram

Selma Blair is ecstatic to be back on her horse, but perhaps even more excited about returning to one of her riding outfits, that was worn back when she was 18 years old.

"When I am at the barn. I finally have the white unicorn I cannot believe is in my life and I want to rise to the occasion. P.S. Still wearing the same shirt from 30 years ago," Blair finished her message while revealing the 30-year-old photo of herself.


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